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graff supplies in sac

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^what he said...


there was another spot in sac that sold shit...but it got closed a while ago.


..speaking of closed.....can we close this thread now?

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Obnix paint has aprooved this message:


Obnix paint has paint in many

colors from the most angelic blue to neon green.

Its color(although great)is no match for its permanence.

This paint can stand up to the strongest buff in any

city.They also carry ink sadly there is not as many

colors to choose from as their paint so far they only

have 1 color and that is candy cane pink,

but i promise you it will be one of the best inks you

ever use this ink will catch any eye from an old lady

power walking down to the homeles guy laying next

to the dumpster you just tagged.They also have a

varity of mops to choose from.if you like the kiwi

they have screw top kiwis if you are more into mini

mops they have screw top miniMINImops to just like the

one ded sells his shit in.Of course they sell mini mops

too they have pocket size screw top minimops for sale

for only 50cents a pop order quickly though there are

few left.Just pm xROUGEx he will hook you up!!!!

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