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Guest spectr

A fall day in the life 2006 edition..

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Guest spectr

Its that time of year again everyone.. lets do it..

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wake up

drink my own urine

decide to skip classes

turn all furniture in apt. upside-down

go outside and yell at lamp posts

find an aging hooker

kill her w/large scissors

disembowel said hooker, throw her out 3rd story window

sit on toilet and draw pictures of today's events on walls

sleep under bed (now right-side up)



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my usual day consists of waking up at whatever time i please, then chilling with the cat all day. here's a couple pictures of the scenes outside my apartment





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wake up


call placement agency and check on status of faciltieis job processing


donwload and burn cd's

listen to the girl I am dating bitch about us

sigh of relief as she leaves for work

look for work on craigslist

Work on application for teaching in japan next year

Walk to local yard, catch some flicks, bench for a little bit

Come back, make a snack, drink a beer, pop an ativan

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Guest spectr

well guess no one is down but whatever.. here is my day today..



quick sketch before breakfast...



breakfast of champions, cheese fries with Tabasco peppers..



work on setting up my studio so I can blow some glass..



crowded trolley on the way to the aquarium.






A whole fucking bunch of sardines..



some fucking trippy looking jellyfish



You are not supposed to pick up the sharks sitting in the pools that they let you touch.. I honestly wonder if that sign is there due to someone picking up a shark and losing some fingers..



me and my girl went on a merry go round.. it made me fucking dizzy...



catching the bart back home..







this is who wakes me up every morning..

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