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urgent!. just caught need some advice.

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well last night i was stopped by some cops and it ended up that they searched my bag and found paint. apparently stupid ass kids in my town have been using yellow paint, which just happens to be in my bag, and used it all around town. i had apint on my hands but i told them that i was painting a new skate shop where i work (which is true).


i dont know if they were aloud to look through my bag cause they only stopped me for not having a FRONT light. also they didnt pin me with anything, just having paint when im 17. so i have to go to court now and i plan on getting a noterized letter from the owner of the shop that i painted at saying i was there. anything else i should do? or anything else?



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bro, if you're 17 and not allowed to have paint, but then you had paint... well, a note from mommy won't help. As far as the rest, they got nothing and they didn't try to stick anything on you. Take your lumps, pay the $70 nd do the 25 hours community service.


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