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horse cock

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im not the one to come on here and talk shit, but alot of this shits gone to far... milwaukee's not even hit that much for someone to be UP hard... i drive around and i barely see wr's shit... if someone says there kings or up the most please tell me where... all they got are the same spots and 1st and 2nd street, and maybe a couple streets on the south side... if thats what you call gettin up, my crew will go do that in a day... but its not about that its about finding new and better spots... but hey alot of you kids got alot to learn...


sone's done more then any of them wr kids put together... and im not just talking about trains, for them kids that only think he hits trains... plus sone's way better then there whole crew, anyone could tell you that...


Luckydude, what the fuck do you write, and where is all your shit... dont get your head smashed... go home to your grandma and feed your cats...

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Sone never had ups on the street. He sucks, even in the freight world he is wack. Wr got ups there all over the southside, not just 1st and 2nd street. Not only are you're stupid youre blind too. I seen 5 fill ins this morning by sok and wr. one was getting buff too. Same style over and over is wack.

Take this and learn and get better.

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now all i have to say is that not even on there best day can anyone in wr fuck with pase when it comes to painting i dont care how many no fill! no 3d! outlines on the street u have all u guys are wack...face it...and as for sone u can say what u want about him but he will burn all of u guys no problem on anyday and u all know it..unless your a fuckin tardo...and id rather see the same thing that is good and letters that actually go together than those ugly ass sok's that u dont know what the fuck the "k" is doing, the "o" is the same with a little line in the middle that makes no sense,,,and "nez" talk about the same shit over and over..hahaha...at least my eyes dont hurt when i see a pase...

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painted steel and sone,

Why do you waste your time even typing about this, you can look at wr and know its garbage. I know you both and you can have your own opinions on ME and what i have and havent done, but dont waste your time even typing, let them think what they think, WR post some stuff and each person will make there own thoughts about it, we know sone is well established as is painted steel and his crew, its proven by the posts....



Horse cock keep posting, measure how good your doing by how much they hate....



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