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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhjAdRiKqKs
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2YaFKW_Iy0 hahahahaha
  3. nah..anyways like i said i got love for the chi but some of you'z hate for no reason. dont need no fronts im on. and i been a boss. we get it in out here. real niggaz from chicago know. peace to the real headz.
  4. fuck all that u got the wrong one! i got mad love for the chi and the real niggaz that came to the mill and got it crackin, but this 2011 not 1987. this internet shit talking is real homo. waste of my time. keep hating on here by all means if thats what u do.
  5. weak lung? i get money i dont do drugs like these hype ass niggaz. and i got a steady aim and money for the bullshit when it comes. no fence jumpers over here. so i survive wherever i choose to live. it aint where u from its wheres your gat. anyways you wont be punking anybody over here we got the same shit you do. on this grafitti side why hate on wht u dont know, most niggaz moved on to getting money and a real life. fuck outta here wit your im from chicago bullshit. Cmon SON!! stop hating period
  6. hatin ass! city full of hipsters who follow trends, get off msk's dick!
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! nobody wants that mag son. u need to chill out wit all that shit and people on here dont sugar coat shit for this fag. yeah i feel bad for your retarded ass really your sad man. your stuck in the past or something swinging on some old school writers nuts thinking people care. envisions cant even sell your mag, no body would take it for free. unless you bought all the copies yourself or took em back they are still there. fuck it this is pointless, let me guess your gunna say something about me being fat ok ill still whoop your ass one on one, your gunna say something about my mom which i dont give a fuck what are we in 2nd grade. or maybe how you can beat me in a battle baaaaahahahaha. anyways stop coming on here like what u say matters, no body cares! alphabetoner
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