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Ethics? What are those?

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Okay I have been wondering this for a while now. From what I understand my Ethics are not up to par. Who set standards for them. Sure somethings are a given. Like sodomizing a 10 year old boy. But priests do it all the time. Where is something wrong or unethical? Just wondering what the consensus (sp) is on those things.


-Is it right to "touch" the animals in the petting zoo?

-To look at another man's wife with your member in her mouth?

-To make fun of people til they cry just so you can make fun of them more cause they're a baby.

-Punching someone cause they looked like they deserved it?

-Destroying someone's stuff just to get a kick? ( I realize most of us do this on the regular. But aside from writing. Like taking someones tape player and throwing it in to traffic.)

-Stealing cause you feel like it. Not because you have to. Or even taking stuff you don't even need.


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Guest imported_Tesseract


well exept the first example, which by the way is the best option when the only female you can get your hands on is a cow.

All the others are covered by a simple rule,

"Dont do to others what you dont want to happen to you"


Beacuse when it happens to you (it always does) you'll have to shut up if its something you've done to the past intead of reacting against something you disaprove.

Its about protecting yourself from being rediculus (sp?) and thats a good ethic.

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