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Everything posted by deznatori

  1. deznatori

    just a lil something

    Damn I haven't seen that car in ages. Brings back old memories from few years back. Thanx for posting it. Scan and Dreos rockin a nice panel.
  2. deznatori


    I don't post much anymore but I have to share these with everyone. Some originals some dedications to a brother. RIP SANE http://www.pbase.com/image/1796371.jpg'> http://www.pbase.com/image/444504.jpg'> http://www.pbase.com/image/774372.jpg'> http://www.pbase.com/image/774371.jpg'> http://www.pbase.com/image/10791651.jpg'>
  3. deznatori

    Refrigirator pimpin'

    Actually I am a large Lemur
  4. deznatori

    Refrigirator pimpin'

    Dat Pier kid looks like a scrawny white boy.
  5. deznatori

    This is the way we ball

    Good to see those Tropicanas. I was wondering how they came out. Rain and all you guys went balls to the walls.
  6. deznatori

    Isabell fucked up the bench

    The freight labeled Rapes is Modern TA TSC
  7. deznatori

    Peanutbu+Ter : crunchy | creamy (circle one)

    Jif extra crunchy
  8. deznatori

    Favourite Simpsons character (excluding Homer)

    -the original Smithers before they made him a yellow guy and he was still a negro. -Ralph Wiggum -Bleeding gums murphy cause he always had that mr Rogers/Sesame Street message. -El Barto
  9. deznatori


    too much time on our hands. ta ta ta ta ta too much time
  10. deznatori

    Spandex Bandit

    Re: Re: Spandex Bandit This is UCRON from Texas not Acron
  11. deznatori

    Bring the Cat Face

    That's Heck above Apart
  12. deznatori

    She only wants me for my fr8 flicks

    Apes Prism Daze and all those Dirty VA boys.
  13. deznatori

    The G-Unit

    Pretty nice. Me likey
  14. deznatori

    Updated Sites,

    Updated Fr8rider Galleries. Yep after way too long I got a chance to get a few uploaded. 65 freights. There should be another like 25 freights or so and some walls coming this weekend.
  15. deznatori

    Mom would be proud...

    Damn I get the shaft on the end to end with Reno and Aven. Go post by the way. Bump for the crew cats and that nasty ass Scan53
  16. deznatori

    i'm big in japan..........

    Dr Sex for Pres.
  17. deznatori

    PUMA's New Advertising

    I sell these. the dressier Puma styles sell like crazy to the thugs for the clubs. There are about 5 styles and like 4 colors the casuals come in. I still can justify buying a 90 dollar Puma myself.
  18. Now that's a post. Except for the Snafu freight I enjoyed this post very much.
  19. deznatori

    loose lips sink ships.....

    Look to Euro writers of old for the answer to most of A2M. Dumbo in particular is seen in much of their work. Bump for the TBK boys. Metal and Grose get up for being fat lathargic wastes of space. That is the best Kasket I have ever seen by the way.
  20. deznatori

    SAY NO 2 WAR

    That's Freee5 not trees. And would that be the Rime man with the No to war shot?
  21. deznatori

    sundays junk...........

    That crazy lizard
  22. deznatori

    kiss my ass

    Bump for my niggas Metal and Grose.
  23. deznatori

    my vacation: week 1

    agreed. I'm on an overload of hotness nucca
  24. deznatori

    All in a days work at the BENCH........

    Exactly what I was thinking