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how to make candy ink

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i have come across many ways of making candy ink. one of them is to put afew drops of those little essence bottles in your ink. and i cam across this thw other day:


"my bro just got the sickest ink, its called candy. he says is this japanse ciligraphy ink, wiht brake fluid and kool-aid powder( that gives it a nice smell, Candy). it stains like crazy, ill see if i can get some flix just for shits and giggles" this is from bombing science


post if yout think it is bullshit, cos i certainly think the last one is bull :haha:

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Originally posted by iloveboxcars@Nov 7 2005, 04:02 PM




best reply ever.

I got you covered, I'll PM you directions how to make Flat Black Candy Etch. I call the

shit DopeBomb. I'll give everyone a hint, you have too cook it on your stove. Get Cooking!

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