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Don't Call it Frisco


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Originally posted by COUGAR+Aug 1 2005, 01:02 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (COUGAR - Aug 1 2005, 01:02 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'>
Originally posted by truesnvogues@Jul 31 2005, 08:34 PM

<!--QuoteBegin-phunk@Jul 31 2005, 01:03 PM




another art school kid ho'n out graffiti.

no love




WHAT A BUNCH OF FAGS. :rolleyes:



yeah man, fuck tryin to make something out of your art.

Im gonna flip burgers till im 60 and rock the same tired ass bushopper hand style so I can keep it real.

sucka free!

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Originally posted by STREAKER_INK+Aug 1 2005, 11:54 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (STREAKER_INK - Aug 1 2005, 11:54 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'>
Originally posted by rain dog@Aug 1 2005, 03:36 PM

<!--QuoteBegin-unbiasedone@Jul 30 2005, 04:07 PM




Leroy should have finished covering up his little commentary.


my boy leroy. probably another very drunken sad night...



too bad for your boy.

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