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  1. that first unfinished CAMO is tight that other camoe is weak sause
  2. bigg y

    Wash DC

    id love to hear a rap song about drivebys an slangin keys . u would definetly win the internet battle u guys have going on . if not just post the lyrics. im being serious it would be funny fukk even a few lines and a chorus.
  3. bigg y

    Crushed Muni

    who do u guys see up on muni looks pretty clean to me nobody really donig shit except cutty scribes .
  4. im pretty sure he can come back its not like your a bomber dude u paint legal walls and do gay ass interviews were you say your real name and were you are origanally from and it aint the bay so stop actin like you can regulate this city go buy some paint and do some artwork.
  5. haha about time....i geuss kerse wants to add some more notches to his buckknife...good bye ST, SF general is on 23rd and potrero, emergency room is on the right side of the campus.... Quoted post ? Quoted post [/b] damn wuts with it ? i fo sho thought niggaz was gonna rep they all city shit come on kbk , ink2 , show them haters the time you guys allcity right? nah foreal tho. u gonna feel gonna feel stupid if you run into folks tho . this isnt beverly hills bro . haha
  6. shouldnt u be hacking someone out i wanna see flicks too if u really bout it
  8. good one. toy go hit some more busses little kid. Quoted post [/b] HITTING BUSES MAKES U TOY?DAMN
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