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Don't Call it Frisco

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If theres one thing more retarded than "re-run" graff, its gotta be syndication graff. Any show thats still on the air will air re-runs. It doesnt say say much about the people that make the show in terms of productivity, but its understandable. But when that show M*A*S*H* comes on, no one sets their VCR because those actors arent famous anymore, and theyve seen it before. When some other actor runs into one of the stars of M*A*S*H* following a night of syndicated M*A*S*H* watching, he doesnt feel the need to mention it. Unless of course, that actor happens to be new to the biz and is still "star-struck".

To take one step further, the former M*A*S*H* actor, or any actor that was apart of a show thats no longer on the air, doesnt try to pretend that the reason the show is off the air is because of it being such a good show that there was a need to hide it or conceal from everyone else.

So, no. SF graff, or graff from anywhere else, is never "too dope" or overflowing with too much "freshness" that it stops.



If you, or one of your homies deleted those 400+ pages of graff flicks people DONATED, youre a dumb fuck. If youre "down", "a gee", "dope", then shut the fuck up and paint and post YOUR SHIT THAT YOU PAINTED, and stop snatching crumbs....


".....and thats how it goes, mang..."

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