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karma and entheogens

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Here's the topic: how does entheogen use affect one's Karma? There's no doubt that using an entheogen can give one a dramatic experience of the divine, but one can get that experience through meditation without the entheogen.


In the process of meditation, one's Karmas are worked off by the intense struggle one has to go through with the mind and senses. Or at least this is *possible*. With entheogen use, however, it seems that you get these precious experiences without too much struggle. Or am I wrong? Is it that with an entheogen you can get these experiences, but you are not able to "hold on" to them as you would if you came about them through straight meditation?

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no i think that there are just many paths to clean karma....in my opinion every time i do a drug, if im not taking something from it then im wasting my time....there is no recreational drug use....doesnt mean i dont have fun, just means i dont get fucked up just to be fucked up....but i think if you take mushrooms one day and a couple of days later you just go sit on a mountain (sober) you will begin to understand the need and practicality in both...i guess its a middle ground....dig your post dos....keep em coming.....plus, if you really think logically about it, how could so many religions and spiritual leaders i admire be wrong?....



timothy leary should cannonized........r....:p

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