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They say they never really miss you 'til you dead or you gone

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<span style='color:pink'>

...So on that note I'm leavin after this song.




My fellow 12ozers, deto is going on vacation for a few weeks, first off I will be going to Las Vegas, Nevada for a few days to celebrate a friends 21 birthday. Deto being only 20 years of age, was able to get a fake ID, from some byrd that works at the DMV, who is sleeping with one of my boys. Later on this month, I wil be spending time in Orlando Florida. I am going with 'my partner in crime' and his family down to Florida, his little sister is going to play in a national soccer tournament, they are 2 time National Champs, going for a 3 peat! This will be my second time in 'The Sunshine State' hopefully it will be warm this year. Last year it was so fucking cold, i got sick after going on some water rides at Universal Studio's Island of Adventure. I was there during 'the Florida Freeze.' While there i bought a jacket, gloves and a beanie. WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT! Anyway looking foward to my vaction. I start my new semester of school on January 21. I might be going through 12oz withdrawls while gone, so don't be surprised if i pop back up pretty soon...(hahahahaha!) :lol: :o



"What more can I sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

What more can I dooooooooooooooooooooooo?

I gave this up to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I know this much is truuuuuuuue, truuuuuuuue"


What more can I sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?






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wake up engaged, now derailed and enraged.

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