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DJ Supreme..Now appreicate this London Legend..

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"Id like to scratch with those 2 djs from HIJACK- DJ Undercover and DJ Supreme. They were way ahead of their time."

D-Styles - Invisible Scratch Piklz, AsisPhonics interview, March 2000



You don't know who Dj Supreme is? Ask the UK group Prodigy if they know who Dj Supreme is, Ask Dj Qbert (Invisible Skratch Piklz) if he knows who Dj Supreme is, ask Dj Babu (Dialated Peoples) if he knows who Dj Surpeme is, ask Dj Jazzy Jeff if he knows who Dj Supreme is. From Europe to the Americas, Dj Supreme is known worldwide for his scratching and production work with Ice T, The Rhyme Syndicate, Hijack, and many other artists all across the lands.


He is most recognised for being a key player in the development of scratch music. With his introductions and execution of advance scratch techniques, which are still being used today by many of the world class scratch musicians around the world, Still don’t know him? Have a look at the photo gallery he has been referred to as ‘god’ by Qbert and ‘Jesus’ by Prime Cuts - he has earned himself legend status among the scratch community.


Although Supreme is most know in Europe for being the Producer and DJ of Hijack, his contributions to scratching were made known to a larger audience when he made his appearance at Scratchcon2000. Scratchcon2000 was the first scratch convention, which covered the history and development of scratch music to the present moment. Dj's Dstyles, Flare, the X-ecutioners, Shortkut, Steve D, Dj Alladin, and many more were all there, side by side with Dj Supreme explaining their contributions to scratch music.


In other words, Dj Supreme is no stranger to those who follow hip hop or scratch music. Since the late 80's he's been doing his thing, and to this day, can still maintain a scratch session with the best scratchers from around the world and put out incredible beats to move the masses. How many old school djs do you know can do this? The amazing part about this is that, his early work was produced in the early 90's, and IS STILL comparing with the more newer music today. Even newer records have sampled beats from Dj Supreme's own production. In specific, there is a demand for his work, from insane E-bay bids of original Hijack "Horns of Jericho" pressings, to the anticipated release of his latest work, W.R.I.S.T (Dj Supreme + Aliosity). He was ahead of his time, and he continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the turntables and the Akai2000XL.


Not recognizing Dj Supreme is not having any knowledge and respect for hip hop and scratch music. If you honestly don't know about Dj Supreme, I urge you to take full advantage of modern technology, and use the Internet to fill your brain with factoids about a man who continues to put it down harder than most people will ever do in their career. I can only say so much, the thousands of people taking their own time to write about him say just as much, if not more. Browse this website and take note, DJ Supreme aka Jimmi Screech is simply a legend.


Before you read the real factual history of Supreme, lets set the record straight and settle a rumour about the man - The Real DJ Supreme (Creator of Hijack, the Britcore sound and a true Scratch Pioneer) is NOT responsible for any House/Dance/Jungle Records made by another DJ of the same name. If you're looking for that other guy then you've got the wrong site. The original DJ Supreme still remains true to Hip Hop forever!



With Hijack..





[Year Event(s)

1983 Supreme got his first introduction to DJing from school friend Cosmic Jam. He is 14 years old.

Supreme, then know as Kid Dizzy, joins forces with Cosmic Jam and MC Wylie Kyote to form the crew 'Cosmic Jam'.


1984 Supreme gets his first belt drive turntable (no mixer) and begins practicing his cuts using built in up volume fader. His earliest influences are Jamaster Jay, Whizz Kid, Grandmaster Flash, DST and Chuck Chill Out.

Supreme decide to leave Cosmic Jam after finishing school to pursue college goals. However, he still keeps up an daily practice regime.


1985 Supreme abandons the name Kid Dizzy to take on the new name 'DJ Supreme'.

Cosmic Jam emerges on an embryonic UK hip hop scene as one of the first scratch DJs in London. Seeing Cosmic's rise to street fame, Supreme intensifies his practicing.

Supreme purchases two Techniques turntables (silver) and Tandy's (aka Radio Shack) cross fade mixer.


1986 Supreme auditions and recruits DJ Undercover and Kamachie Sly (then named MC Ron) to form an all DJ crew. DJ Undercover would already have a name on the street for his mix tapes played by Tim Westwood during his days with pirate Radio Station, LWR. Surpeme and crew would agree to call themselves 'The Turntable Trixters' and begin performing in underground hip hop parties in South London. MC Ron would soon turns to MCing and change his name to Kamachie Sly.


1987 Supreme and Undercover challenge Cutmaster Swift and Pogo in a little known battle that took place at Battersea Park (South London). Reports say that Swift and Pogo put on a good visual show and got good crowed reaction. Unfortunately the crowed was not as receptive to the no-nonsense scratching performed by the Trixters. Contrary to their name The Trixters didn't do tricks or gimmicks just scratch, thus victory went to their adversaries, as showmanship was the order of the day.

NOTE: Supreme often commented that he would never enter competitions like DMC. He was adamant that as long as judges voted for "what was seen" and not "what was heard" he wasn't going to participate.

Kamachie Sly and Supreme attend a Rap competition in North West London hosted by Tim Westwood and judged by rapper Derek B, an artist on Music of Life Records. Kamanchi Sly wins the competition and throws the prize money into the crowed. An impressed Derek B would promptly arrange a meeting between The Turntable Trixters and Music of Life Records.

Tuntable Trixters sign a recording contract with Music of Life Records under the new name of 'Hijack', spontaneously thought up by DJ Undercover.

Hijack Record their first single, Style Wars, at F2 studios in Clarkenwell, London EC2. Supreme co-produced the music with K.Sly and Undercover.


1988 The 'Style Wars' single is released and is well received on the UK underground scene, reaching number one in the Echo's hip hop music chart. The single would also be licensed to compilation albums released in Europe and the US.

Hijack make the conscience decision not to do interviews with the press to avoid being mis-quoted. This did not go down well with management or Music of Life but it proved to increase the public interest and intrigue about the highly secretive group.


1989 Hijack release their second single entitled 'Hold No Hostage'. This would be Supreme's first solo production effort and is credited as being the first in a whole new style of UK Hardcore music, later named BritCore by the press. The new sound would dominate the European Rap scene in the coming years.

Hijack support Public Enemy (PE) at Brixton Academy for their first public appearance since signing to Music of Life Records. They would go on to support PE in Birmingham where they're given an encore and literally forced by fans to extend the show.

Hijack get into a fight with EPMD at a Def Jam after party in London, Soho. The incident started when EPMD DJ (not Scratch) refused to play 'Hold No Hostage'. After crowds parted the two groups Hijack would take charge of the dj booth and play 'Hold No Hostage' and 'Domesday of Rap' repeatedly until the power is cut by the club owners.

The HQ is formed and consists of Hijack, Katch 22, The Icepick and Standing Ovation.

Ice T first hears 'Hold No Hostage' while a guest on the Tim Westwood Rap Show. With Tim's help, Ice T would arrange a meeting with K.Sly and Supreme at the Wag Club to discuss a recording contract on his Rhyme Syndicate Records. The group would except to sign shortly after. This would be a land mark for UK Rap as Hijack would be the first British rap to be signed by a US based hip hop label.

The Style Wars remix, 'Style Warriors Revenge', is released. Produced by Supreme, the track is released on Music of Life Records while the Rhyme Syndicate Contract is fine tuned by lawyers.


1990 Supreme produces the single 'Burial Proceedings in the Course of Three Knights' featuring all HQs MCs except K.Sly. The track is released on Music of Life Records.

Hijack do their first international show in Switzerland at the famous Montreaux Jazz Festival. They share the bill with Jungle Brothers and legendary funk/pop band Kool and the Gang. The trip would be Supreme's first flight on a plane.

Hijack begin their tour of Europe as supporting act on Ice T's 'Power Tour'. A memorable sold out show at Brixton Acadamy opened up with Ulyses in full Kung Fu dress skillfully weilding a samurai sword, the group then proceeded to tear the house down with 'Hold No Hostage'. They continued to do the same for the remainder of the one-month tour. It was all over a great success solidifying their fan base in Europe. Best shows were Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Zurich, and Rotterdam.

Hijack begin conceptualising an album and Supreme starts compiling several ideas from his four track. 'Daddy Rich', 'The Contract', 'Brother v Brother' and 'Airwave Hijack' would be some of his first choices.


1991 Hijack support Ice T on the European Leg of the 'Original Gangster' tour.

Badman is Robin is released on Rhyme Syndicate Records and becomes a commercial success entering the UK top 40. Supreme produced the music as well as conceptualise the lyrical theme.

Channel 4 invites Hijack to appear in their prime time tv show 'Dance Energy' hosted by Normski (Photographer for 'Style Wars' cover art). They perform 'Syndicate outta Jail' from the yet unreleased Horns of Jerico Album. Supreme, unable to attend the show, is substituted by his younger brother, Keith, on the turntables.

Hijack support 'Leaders of the New School' in Scotland and London. Hijack would cancel their performance at the Shafsburry Avenue venue in London due to promoter incompetences.

'The Horns of Jerico' is released on Promotional White Label. This early version of the album would include Shogun's Assassin, and original mixes of 'Don't go with Strangers' and 'I had to Server You' (previously named E=MC2). These tracks would later be removed or re-mixed when the album is finally released.

Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate Records is disbanded and Hijack's recording contract defaults to Warner Brother Record.


1992 The Hijack Album 'The Horns of Jerico' is released in Europe on Warrner Brothers Records. Although production credits are given to Hijack (a gesture of solidarity), Supreme is actually responsible for producing the entire album.

Supreme is asked to work on the Brother Movement Record, 'Beyound the 16th Parallel', featuring various UK artists including London Possie, Demon Boyz, MC Melo, Freshski, Cookie Crew and the late MP Bernie Grant.

The Hijack European Tour kicks off. Supporting act is Gunshot. Competition on stage is fierce, both groups put on excellent performances.

Hijack go to Los Angeles to shoot the music video for 'Daddy Rich' the first single released from the Album.

Supreme returns to college in pursuit of a Degree.

Supreme splits from Hijack over difference concerning musical direction.


1997 Supreme joins forces with The Icepick and up coming MC, Grizzly as BodySnatchers. They record an EP entitled Genocide which is released as a limited edition white label. The tracks are reminiscent of the Hijack material back in 92'.


1998 BackBone Records is founded by Supreme and the Icepick. The first release is 'Phenomenal Criminal' featuring The Icepick. Supreme production style remains hardcore but slower in tempo with reggae influences.


1999 Icepick's Second EP is released, entitled 'Dead and Buried'. All tracks are produced by Supreme and recorded for the BackBone Records imprint.

Icepick's Third EP 'Dungeon Funk' is released featuring production from Supreme. It is distributed by renowned Manchester label, The Ruf.


2000 Supreme is personally invited by Qbert of ISP to speak at the Scratchcon 2000 seminar in San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Supreme would learn, first hand, that Hijack had a major influence on the underground DJ scene in the US and inspired many of today's world class DJs to take scratching to another level.

Supreme makes the personal decision to relocate to Switzerland, a place he had grown to love through his tour visits. He feels Hip Hop is very much alive there and is a place for him to replenish and re-group.


Oct.2001 Supreme has just finished the music for his self titled album. It promises a bangin' combination of traditional hip hop sound with a touch of his trademark BritCore style. The concept for the album is to feature serveral suprise artists from Europe and the US. No release date has been set, but you can be sure it will be seen here first, so stay tuned.


Mar.2002 Supreme teams up with former Rhyme Syndicate partner, Donald-D (Rock Da House Ya'll, FBI) for a P.A in Luzern, Switzerland on 8-Mar-02. Supreme and D will also be in the studio working on some forthcoming material.

Supreme & Aliosity begin post production of the highly anticipated 'Wrath Released in Superior Techniques' album (or W.R.I.S.T). It promises to be packed full of POWW, ZAAP and BIFF like you've never heard before!!!

Supreme to feature on DJ Stylewarz's (Hamburg, Germany) upcoming remake of the Hijack classic single, 'Style Wars'. Watch out for this one, Supreme will be hitting the decks and the MIC!!


July.2002 Supreme to feature in June and July issues of Blues and Soul Magazine in two part Intreview covering the history of Hijack and current projects in the pipeline.

German Lable, Eimsbush Records, have this week (8th June 02) released DJ Stylwarz 'Style Wars 2002' featuring DJ Supreme. The single, backed with '2360' featuring Toni L, is the first release from DJ Stylewarz forthcoming album entitled 'The Cut'. Look out for the interview with DJ Stylewars and DJ Supreme on MTV during their coverage of the Hip Hop Open in Stuttgart, Germany.http://www.mypage.bluewin.ch/djsupreme/prsupreme2001.jpg'>

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Originally posted by se_FOUR

1998 BackBone Records is founded by Supreme and the Icepick. The first release is 'Phenomenal Criminal' featuring The Icepick. Supreme production style remains hardcore but slower in tempo with reggae influences.


Now that is a good record.

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