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shiggar friggar VOL. 1 (liner notes)

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......this article was in the liner notes of the skratch piklz's shiggar friggar show VOL.1


-Editor- It must have been mighty slim pickings for the Pink to run a front page story regarding yet another Generation X slacker group ("Turning the Tables," the invisibl skratch piklz, November 1.

How typical of this generation that a group whose sole purpose is to morph and masacre other people's music could become so popular. It only shows the shallowness of today's slacker generation.

One of the members of this group who calls himself Q-Bert, referst to his past as a "graffiti artist." I believe the correct term is vandal. Apparently, this group has progressed from vandalizing walls to vandalizing music.

Unfortunately, when the media glorifies such mundane art forms such as graffiti and rap music, it only leads to even lower forms of mediocre "art," such as this disc jockey phenomenon.

What's next, freeway traffic sounds?


-John M. Fahy


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Guest --zeSto--

that's funny.

I bet the author has been wearing aviators since the first time they were 'cool'.


I have a Shiggar Fraggar CD, but obviously not that one.

It's scratch-tastic-erific

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even though in my heart i know he is wrong , i can see where he is comming from.... dont worry , he will die off soon, as his breed are doing. i still think his opinion will live on, and does have some merit

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