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  1. unleash the genie, if the human race is capable of this, are we worthy to remain alive?
  2. LUKY


    i totally agree with you skullfucker, but its all a bunch of degrees, im sure that i would want to defend my country using any means necessary, but crashing into a commercial building is an overt act of terrorism. if we do this right, eg. trying those who are suspect in the bombings and putting them in jail, or in the chair, than we dont hurt any innocent people in the horribly impoverished country of afganistan, a country where women who wear nail polish get thier hands cut off...
  3. LUKY


    oh and two trains collieded in utah with beteween 100 and 300 people on board. this is turning out to be the worst week ever.
  4. LUKY


    remember that the hard core right used excuses like this one to instate the hardline governments in afganistan and iran, i really hope it could never happen here...
  5. the best defence is a good offence, we should air drop playboy all over the country of afganistan, they would overthrow the taliban to read the articles.
  6. LUKY


    helping people defend themselves against oppression is a lot different than sanctioning terrorism. training partisans to blow up soviet tanks does not make the US terrorists if the soviet tanks were on foreign soil killing innocents. seven hundred civilians died in the andarab bombing in 1981 in afganistan, bombs dropped by tupolev jet bombers. are we terrorist because we gave them missles to shoot down these planes? get a life, if you hate america so much suck my dick and move to afganistan you slimy piece of crap, this is what we get for helping people defend themselves.
  7. seephore dude, your not helpin anything at all
  8. quite the plethora of smoking devices there buddy.
  9. LUKY

    schools a bitch

    highschool is a goddamn joke.
  10. quite zesty. i would haveta go with seeking tho, although the professor is also dope.
  11. dude, i need to get some of that free $
  12. LUKY

    Favorite animal

    the weasel, as it is dope, i need one. or a midget.
  13. why are people afraid of death? i know what happens when i die, im dead. anything after if there is anything, is gonna be a bajillion times different.
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