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reocurring/interpreting dreams

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I've been having this crazy dream all month. I've had it about 6 times

this month alone and its starting to fuck with me.


The dream is about this wanksta (couldnt think of a better word) and his

wansta ass buddies that i used to know. To cut to the chase they catch

me slippin and start blastin at me. For what ever reason i dont have my

gun when i go to reach for it. I start to run and another car cuts me off

at the end of the street. They roll down the window and unload on me.

I get shot like 3 times and i turn around to run the other way and the other

car shoots at me and i get hit another 3 times. I fall to the ground and

see them speeding away lookin out the back window laughing. As everything

starts to go black its like i fight off death and stumble to my boys crib. He

gives me a knife and i dig all of the bullets out myself, 5 from m chest and

1 from my back. I finally find my gun at my boys crib and load up ready

to go hunt these niggas down and kill all of them.



This is where the dream ends. The funny thing is i havent seen none of

these fools in over a year and a half. We were from rival hoods so they

are the enemy. This is starting to bug the shit out of me. If any one

knows about interpretting dreams on the serious tip, or knows of a site i

can go to this would be more than helpful.


Thanks in advance.

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