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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

tomorrow nite @ transit:

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Guest Merdle

Main Entry: thug

Pronunciation: 'th&g

Function: noun

Etymology: Hindi thag, literally, thief

Date: 1810

: a brutal ruffian or assassin : GANGSTER, KILLER

- thug·gery /'th&-g(&-)rE/ noun

- thug·gish /'th&-gish/ adjective



Main Entry: gang·ster

Pronunciation: 'ga[ng]-st&r

Function: noun

Date: 1896

: a member of a gang of criminals : RACKETEER

- gang·ster·dom /-d&m/ noun

- gang·ster·ish /-st&-rish/ adjective

- gang·ster·ism /-st&-"ri-z&m/ noun

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