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SmackDown! **SPOILERS**

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Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero Jr. now called the "Los Guerreros" took on John Cena and Edge after an altercation. The Guerrero's came on top in what was definitely an amazing match. All four involved are great talents and the match meshed together pretty good.


Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio took on each other in a rematch from their incredible bout at SummerSlam. Didn't really seem to be the begining of another Mysterio/Angle feud, as it may seem in this report, but was another solid match. Kurt Angle got the win...again, why? I don't know. It was a good match though and Rey-Rey didn't come out of it looking too bad.


Brock Lesnar continues his streak of wrestling jobbers to defend his SmackDown! heavyweight championship when he stepped in the squared circle against Hardcore Holly. Pretty stiff match actually, few clotheslines/suplexs looked like they won't be feeling too good in the morning. Brock Lesnar got the win, of course, with the F-5 for the 1, 2, and the inevitable 3.


Rikishi defeated Chris Benoit in a pretty boring match. Benoit made it better than it would have been in normal circumstances with a Rikishi match, but nothing to brag about. It was pretty interesting to see Kurt Angle run-in and attack at the end of the match which gave Rikishi the win by Disqualifcation.


The Billy and Chuck wedding turned out to be a big flop. They had a group sing, one of which turned out to be Eric Bischoff in heavy makeup, for the ceremony. They plugged it throughout the show with random backstage skits. Anyways, Billy and Chuck said it wasn't supposed to go this far, and that it was merely a publicity stunt, even though there is nothing wrong with being gay. Billy said he isn't gay, and even if he was, he wouldn't date Chuck. Bischoff revealed himself half way through and said this ceremony has gone on too long, about 3 minutes too long. Island Boyz appeared out of nowhere and attacked Stephanie McMahon. They then set their sights on Billy and Chuck and beat them up, with the help of Rico, who apparently turned on Billy and Chuck to align himself with Eric Bischoff and the RAW brand. It was definitely a good segment, mainly due to shock value as no one could have expected all of this to happen. Maybe the wedding being fake, but not all of this.


Matt Hardy got the win, technically, over Undertaker by countout. Pretty decent match, it was what it was. Matt played jackass again and got the match with Taker and will go down in the record books with the win. Undertaker got counted out when he chased Paul Heyman around the arena because Heyman was messing with Undertaker's wife, who was in attendance, and happens to be pregnant now.

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i watched smackdown a couple nights ago, after not watching it for several months, and i have a few questions, all regarding kurt angle...


1) why did everyone start hating (ie. singing "you suck" along with his song...)

2) why did he shave his head?


3) why does his current costume look like his mom made it for the school play?


just curious...

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Edge started the "you suck" chant thing

he lost a hair vs. hair match against Edge.

abd i dunno but he is becoming a face (good guy) again by feuding with Chris Benoit.

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