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weird dreams from the rail

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ok so i've had this dream twice......once was long ago....say about a year.....then the other was....about 5 months ago.....and it always takes place in the same yard.........but this yard dosn't exist.....(at least i dont think it does) well neways all the time the detail and the yard looks exactly like it did........


Dream One:

this yard has maybe 6 lines, and i've painted in between lines....so i'm done my peice and observe another peice.....its by wasp.....so i was like......damn....have to get a flick....so i get the flick.....i get out of the yard...or layup and head off to the bus stop where theres some other dude, we wait ......the bus comes and we both hop on......we sit in the back of the bus.....i observe paint on his fingers...i ask you write? he says yeah.....what do you write? i ask.......oh wasp......did you just do a piece at the yard (in daytime) yeah...he says...i was like cool...then i woke up.......


Dream Two:

i'm heading to this same exact yard......bag full of paint big smile on my face.....i see two people....i start walking down this large line.....and i meet up with these writers.....i'm like hey!! your ---- and ------ how are you guys doing? then one writer says to the other dont talk to him......he's a toy (holy shit i called myself a toy.....in my own dream) i look at him as if i was going to hurt him....and his buddy being his bitch and all......leaves the current spot they where painting and go somewhere else......



there you go 2 fucked up dreams.......if any of you other people have had fucked up painting dream....or just painting dreams in gerneral....do tell......

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Guest deadlydnut

all I did was see this police car so I started running(dont know why?), and then I saw this forest (their arent many forests near where I live) So I jump in their, and i'm running and I jump out , and when I jumped I went over this big hill into a mcdonalds parking lot and landed on top of a car, then I started running again and this cop is still on me and Then I just stop, and say, wait what did I do wrong? and the cop stops me and he says go home, but then he searches me and finds a pilot I didnt even know I had on me and he said, I was going to locked up for a long time or someshit...then some biker gang went by all saying jibba jabba, it was fucked up....

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most of my dreams that have to do with graff end with guns and lots of blood lol....or theres the one where i got hit by a cta train....sooo anyways i get done hitting up a wall under one of those lights in the tunnels so i get to one of the stations ( i think logan square ) and im waiting for the next train to take me to my stop. so im leaning against one of the metal beams and my trains coming when i fall in right when the train comes past me and next thing i know my legs are crushed inbetween the train and the platform... soo they clear out the station and theres these medics there and there like damn this dude is fucked up...hes gonna die.. so then i see mom and dad and older brother and a priest or sumth'n and my mom starts crying... hte priest is saying a prayer when they start moving the train..........then i die.... well of course i wake up..but the funny thing about this is whenever i wait for a train i try to sit on one of the benches or the stairs even if they smell like piss

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