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Dreams and Nightmares


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what's some of your strangest dreams? you know, the ones where you wake up it all seemed so real!


mine,i've had twice. its where i kill this lady for my family and i cant really remember if i actually did it. i keep telling myself it was a dream. then my sister comes home and says this lady had died. i can feel my heart racing and my body temperature rise. then, i'm in an old house i lived in years ago, looking out the window as the FBI and the police roll up. what do i do? i hide my freight flicks!! anyways, i wake up and i'm all sweaty and panicky and i realize it was just a dream. i felt the fear of being caught for murder and it was torture. i'm glad it was just a dream.

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the other day i was sleeping on this roof... i had a dream that was really just more of a suggestion: that today was national rev yer engine day... anyways, i had this "dream" and was promptly woken up to the sound of a really loud engine revving. i immediately sat up and looked for my truck (i'm paranoid about my truck)... anyways, i found my truck, and there was no one in it, and then i remembered it was national rev yer engine day, and i laid back down and went to sleep... it didn't seem weird untill i fully woke up a few hours later...


i also had a dream once that i was being chased by these two guys... dream was all kinds of scary and shit... anyways, they almost caught me, and then i was awake with my eyes closed and in bed... but i could tell that my lights were on... weird... so i opened my eyes and there were the two guys looking down at me... then i really woke up and i was in my bed and the lights were off and i was alone... that one had me spooked for days...

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