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painting in massachusetts


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if anyone in the bean is planning on painting *******please pick up trash or even bring some garbage bags and put trash in them then leave the shit there by the trail...pick the place up.cuz it's a dope spot and i talked to a ranger one day and she said as long as the place gets picked up and no one paints the exposed side of the bridge it's cool to paint there ...except that it needs to be trash free.....so tell a friend andd try to respect that the authorities in the park are cool except not for the trash and the toy tagging on the sides of the bridge.....give respect...get respect.....team sf....

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are you fucking serious..they already arnt enough places that are safe to paint anymore in boston.. 1 becuase of toys 2 becuase of people beeing retarded and ratting.3 becuase people like you are fucking retarded and come on this site and blab about spots and tellign the world and who ever has a computer( cops. my mother. you. me. anyone..) and that is fucked up man.realy..why would you do that man..fuck that shit.. if you realy worry about painting that spot so much..and you dont want cops to bust it...instead of picking up cans... why not just not go in a websight and blab it..it is wors to do wat you did..than to leave a mess.wow.that is one of the worste things i have ever herd..do you paint..do you??are you retarded???are you a cop??what the fuck..are you serious man.realy..you are just asking to get caught or get your fellow writers caught.wow man..realy..try to use your head man..that is hott aas all shit man....fuck that.. use your head man.peace.

-bert mc donald

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Guest Numb.nuts

:dazed: we are all suppose to be on the same side fuckas. us against the law. remember. dont matter anyways you'll still keep fussin an fightin all day long on this comp. while others are out paintin.:D

fuck y'all.


politics and bullshit...


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