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retard warfare

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  1. !PGR LOKOTES! YOU THEM BOYS. :-D PGR xIII DFX. from boston to nueva Mexico from L.A. to Mexico. ....Wueno....
  2. TSMobb! h8h tsm pgr. wooot
  3. :king: :king: POST MORE ALEXIS J ONION BOOTY>> PLEASE SIR BLUESKI............
  4. HOLLAAA 505 from farminton to abq. from aztec to bloomfield. from sante fe ism to las crusuxdfeicuneicnez son... NEW MEXY SEXY.com dunny..BUH BUH... im moving to farmington new mexico.. well see whats realy good. Grants to cabarro son.... run your chain...lol
  5. EBIS FUCK MAN>>>>>> no pictures.. not like i need to see any. ebis is dope.. he could write donkeyballs and it would most definatley be hottt... cha cheaaaa more pictures that work.. xylene prophets kiddddd... what you know about thatt..
  6. retard warfare


    huhhh if i only had a digi cam or a scanner. shiiiittttt.... tiems liek this make me wish i had some money.. how much are scanners?
  7. hmmmm looks like a skinny fag drew them.. oh he did:) :D :D :rolleyes: :chicken: but the first one is a cool concept mister a t killa
  8. this man knows the deal with aria. chea chea hollllaaaaaaa.. i have busted my nutrock to that splended hoe over 100000000000000000 times. seen the movies with her.. she is a freek.mmmmmmmmmmmm
  9. bag oh shrumss haaa bag of shrooms like pringles.. sounds like the man to me
  10. Re: one more for good measure.. this must be luara. lol.. hot new hampsire huh.. hot... been to funspot?? that place is off the chains.. post more.. holla
  11. Re: Re: haven't seen these on here true.. but you know that you can write on the ground and concreat and ruff surfaces..there kindah like a drunk tool...pfffff
  12. .... oh yah and he is biteng ewok ..;) haha
  13. whocares i take it back who cares. period.. this is retarded.
  14. umm. like the compasition..
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