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  1. AYE WHASSUP- ITS YA BOY BOBBY BAGELS, BACK IN IT WITH ALL THAT FLY SHIT YO MOMS DONT WANT YOU TO HAVE!!! But for real I’ve just been running around racketeering & gardening a bunch. Met a girl who told me she turned handjobs into a hand-career.. ain’t that some shit? Until next time- stay safe out there gang.
  2. Not dead, just resting.. and doing dumb shit- always doing dumb shit
  3. I probably won’t spend money - ya boy is frugal (ie- cheap), BUT IF IT CAN BE GIVEN ILL POST SO MANY UPRIGHT PHOTOS
  4. I’m transferring from phone to tablet. I’ll try that, I dunno if it’s the same thing- but I’ll give it the ol college try.
  5. Bump SPF NGC NLM N4N FEC RIP Heven Oiler Bones Next/Nekst KodakKidd/Soe Also bump late night fast food- yeeee haw
  6. A bunch of these seem to be downloading upside down. Does anyone know how to fix it? They’re normal when I select them, I dunno-
  7. So this one is on the East Coast, but a friend of mine in Washington says there’s another one out by Spokane (not paintable but certainly cool to look at)- And for some reason there’s a couple dozen of them in Canada. Believe it or not kids used to have birthday parties inside these things- back in the 60s and 70s McDonald’s bought a ton of rolling stock as cabooses became more and more obsolete. There’s a bunch of CP and CN cabooses that were hooked up to McDonald’s restaurants/on the property and even some passenger cars that were displayed on tracks and used for special events. This is a really basic design but I’ve seen pictures of some of the ones in Canada and they have full on murals of McDonald’s characters on the sides of them- it’s actually pretty nuts. I would really like to paint a McCaboose someday, but if I painted this one it would blow the spot to say the least & I really appreciate the time capsule-esque nature of its existence… if it would make a child happy to see it without graffiti then I probably wouldn’t paint it- and I can definitely see a young kid getting a kick out of this one because frankly it’s pretty rad.
  8. Some of these uploaded upside down- dunno why, but I guess it it just be that way sometimes. Here’s about 200 photos taken from various cities, places within those cities and varying times throughout the past — present. If you think you know where any of these photos were taken, that’s great, but please don’t point it out in this thread— the toys don’t need any hints and should be staying out anyway (you know who you are). If you enjoyed this photo dump let me know and I’ll drop more tomorrow. Bless up.
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