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  1. 2 things: 1. I went out the other day on my bike and came across a small encampment in the woods next to the highway. There was nobody there. I lit a fire because the mosquitoes were going crazy. Sat there for about 30 minutes drinking and smoking, waiting til it got dark. I was amazed at a hammock that someone with incredible skill wove from scratch and hung next to the encampment. Right as it got dark the guy showed up, kept a small bit of distance, just stood there, and was kinda perplexed- obviously wasn't looking to have a confrontation but he wasn't particularly thrilled I was there. I waved, stamped the fire out, packed up and biked off, and nodded on his way out. Guy turned very friendly when he realized we were respectful. Yea, respect goes a long way. 2. I'm actively looking for a job on the West Coast. The place I'm going is seemingly very well known for freights, and I'm very excited at the possibility of being able to catch out in the future. Unlike you Kabar, my job doesn't have me by the balls like you, or at least, I'm still young enough to be able to start anew without the stigma of age. When you do end up catching out though, how do you think you'll do it differently than in your youth, considering you are getting older? No catching out on the fly, bringing bought gear instead of making your own stuff on the side of the tracks?
  2. my dude caught a piss in the corner of a park at 6AM the other morning after a hard night. we looked mad homeless and disheveled in an affluent area. a middle aged do-gooder guy walks down the stairs as i'm walking up the stairs and i give him a nice hello. he ignores me, walks straight past me and up to my friend taking a piss and i'm like goddamn, what the fuck? my dude gets spooked and picks up a broom he's pissing next to. the guy begins to hassle him for trying to steal a broom which the guy claimed he used to sweep the paths. my friend begins to hassle the guy for hiding the broom in a shitty way. we leave quick because we really didn't belong...only to come back 10 minutes later to steal the broom on principle. fuck your broom son.
  3. kabar, thanks for the info. i'd most definitely go prepared- i've been in the desert without water, not fun. i think, most importantly, that i'd go with someone that has experience doing it. i like to think i'm smarter than someone like a 16 year old runaway who thinks he knows everything, hops a train on the fly for the first time by himself and loses a leg in the process. this wouldn't really help anyone. one man banned, i appreciate you chiming in. i wouldn't want you to give out anymore info on here anyway, acknowledging it may screw up you or anyone you know that would hypothetically do it. i think my last paragraph touches on this point as well- going with someone would help me learn the way of the rails. in the meantime i'll be soaking up as much as i can. but yea, to me nyc seems out of the picture, but not necessarily other places.
  4. and it's too bad someone tried to put et's face over that sport.
  5. that sekt drop down 3d though...
  6. i feel you. wish i had an extra coat or blanket for a time like that, but felt the need to offer him anything to make sure he was ok. i guess if i were living under a bridge in a blizzard i'd take any drink given.
  7. a couple months ago i found an entire set of rusty golf clubs and a golf bag on its side under a bridge (no nearby golf course) in hs i found 1, then 2, 3, 4! bags of tree that someone obviously threw on a woodsy path in a foot pursuit. just found a brand new marker on a walk the other day a skinny spanish dude fuckin a roly poly fat spanish chick on a rock as i biked by. muahahaha. a pried open cash box on the sidewalk in bk while i was coming out the bar a sleeping bum under a bridge during a blizzard that woke up on my walk back and wouldn't accept a beer
  8. thanks for the response. let me start by saying i would never try and catch out from new york if i were to ever consider doing it. i had scoped selkirk a bit out of curiosity online recently but still, it's THE crossroad for the hudson river, meaning many many trains are routing through there. which would give many options for catching out, but way more options for getting caught due to security. ive also researched specific lines that are within my reach (i have a vehicle), and i've come up with some ideas, and my main ideas are that unless i find a wonderful sidetrack location (are there generally set places that this happens, or is it literally wherever the workers are at after their 12 hours?), then i'm going to have to find a not-too-hounded yard. and i'm sure that's easier said than done. up here in the northeast we have the 3rd rail commuter lines like Amtrack, Metro North and so on that allow freight to run through their tracks (generally when commuters aren't in service). But there aren't any dedicated freight lines within a decent radius (which i feel would be the best of options for security vs not, or even finding a place to catch out). Maybe it's partially the fear i've built up being a NYer seeing the police state crackdown here, but based on what you're stating it sounds we both feel the same way about NY security. so it seems best to venture out a couple hours or so. by the way, it's interesting to hear a longtime freight rider like yourself would be particularly concerned about the south bronx, when you probably have been in much seedier situations like having meth head tweakers coming up on you or people that you can't shake, but they're quite obviously mentally unstable. i bet you have been in way worse scenarios which would be harder to avoid on the side of tracks versus in a city. sure, some places in the bronx are gritty, but i could only imagine catching out under a bridge in chicago or something like that would make me feel way more nervous. i'm sure you've learned a thing or two about avoiding danger and being a quick judge of character, and i could imagine those things learned could help you in any city or situation.
  9. i was 1 million percent shocked yesterday when i went on a flick run at the spot i just posted about 2 posts earlier, and i actually found the pipe i ditched in the bushes when i (almost) got arrested. it was a needle in the haystack scenario where i decided to look down where it could have been where i was walking by, only to find the ice and snow had receded just enough to show the upside down spoon part looking at me. the amount of leaves, dirt and shit that came out of it when i cleaned it yesterday was hysterical. i found a pipe i lost on a mission 9 months ago, and someone didn't either stomp it or take it. NEVER LOSE HOPE PEOPLE.
  10. so kabar, i found your posts about a week ago and i have gotten through the past 11 or so pages so far (at work of course). i want you to know that i'm grateful to have stumbled upon your stories, insight, and altogether the window into your life. i think all of us who work hard each day at a job we don't love can agree that the monotony can be deafening, and the concept of letting the wind (or in this case rails) take you (and really far too) is wonderful fantasy. im excited to see that you're still posting now many years later. i'm happy to hear as well that you will soon again take to the rails. thanks for taking the time to post all of these posts. i feel if i weren't rooted where i am, i could see myself doing this (more of adventure than necessity though). without going on too much, i'd like to ask if you ever made around nyc in your travels. i think the follow-up question would be whether you or anyone you know ever made it here after 9-11. i feel that if i ever wanted hope at any point in my life, it sounds most promising in the northwest or the south to accomplish this lifestyle.
  11. i was bringing light to what happened after that post was made. was really mad to see everything dissed. i do think it's odd that buk nf did have new shit rocking and assumed he went with the dude. all in all it was fucked up.
  12. feel free to do what you need to.
  13. pretty sure he's never going to stay up anymore ever.
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