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  1. Can i get some critss for my last post
  2. redid this kline heres one for speaker2 its kinda light, i might o over the lines so you can see it better
  3. nah not kasc, KLINE and @freak i doubt i could rock a perfect one but i think i can do one, i'll try to post one later today
  4. pretty good, the only advice i have is to make the e consistent with the rest of the piece by making the bars a little wider... dope altogether, wanna exchange ?
  5. here you go verse, sorry i took so long a quickie i did in physics
  6. Hey forcefield di you finish the adveentures of upbot book, yet i used to love that shit, i would like to see the finished product
  7. i'll exchange with you, i write kline Can i get some crits on my shit ?
  8. sev = definitely not toy
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