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  1. Yeah, just saw this about an hour ago. Fucking craaaazyyy! I skated when I was younger and I remember being so influenced by this guy! Just his attitude and not caring style of his time was sick! And I think he might have been the youngest one? But yeah, he always looked the coolest too. RIP.

  2. ^ omg my friend juuuussst let me borrow his copy of Dune the other day. I'm excited to read it because I think someone on this thread recommended it. I think Fist? idk :O Heard great things about it, but it seems pretty dense so I'll have to pay attention.




    Just finished this book. I found it interesting. The only other book I've read by J.D. Salinger is "The Catcher in the Rye" and I liked it a lot when I was a teenager because I was hella angstyoner. I still like it today for nostalgic reasons and I think it's a lot more adventurous than I perceived it to be when I first read it. ANYWAY, I DIGRESS, "Franny and Zooey" is about two siblings that come from a prestigious family where all the children are essentially geniuses. Most of it is made up of a handful of dialogue parts with minimal narration. Usual ranting and raving like J.D. Salinger's works, but a bit less whiny and angsty than Holden Caulfield.




    I'm also currently picking away at this book. It's written in rural Russia between 1916-1917. Pretty interesting perspective on the times and culture, as well a good amount of humor thrown in. Most of the peasants he aids have no concept of modern medicine so it's funny to see the interaction between a well educated young city boy and people that have little contact with the world outside of their small eastern european village. The chapters are neatly packaged into their own events so I think one could even skip around and read them in a different order if they really wanted.


    I had to start over The Shining because I haven't read it in a while haha

  3. ^^^ I often do this too! Just to have something to do or get out of the house, or if I've been sitting down all day. It's nice to hang out and get your legs moving a bit for a half hour or so. Most times I keep it at a mild pace and read a book that I'm currently reading or studying. I've been actually running on the road for fun lately as well.

  4. Lolz, so funny to see all these old ass phones. Times sure have changed :P




    This is the most recent phone I got. I bought it earlier this year only because my second cell phone ever broke for some reason. It just stopped charging. I refuse to get a smartphone with apps because I only like to be on the internetz on my computer. FIGHT THE POWER BR0!

  5. jsd, had to check the link to see that it was big boss, but knew it was from one of the mgs series.. beat mgs for the first playstation mad times, then just kind of fell off when the other ones came out. shouldnt have, though - watching my friend play snake eater /nh made me think like, damn, they thought of almost everything for the following ones


    Omg ya I'm very much a Metal Gear fanboy :P I'm not like that with any other series or anything at all really haha But ya, definitely recommended. The whole series gets hella complex after the first one. If you happen to have a ps3 they have Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater on one disc. Aaaaaand you can buy the first one on psn for cheap. When I found that out, I bought it immediately and played through the whole thing because it was hella nostalgic brah.

  6. YouCan'tWin.jpg


    Pretty interesting book. It's an autobiography of dude named Jack Black. I was in the autobiography section a while ago when I saw a staff's recommendation that said "Jack Black's autobiography" and I thought it would be funny and realized I didn't know anything about him. But I was thinking of the actor :P Anyway, picked it up and realized it's a different one in the 1920's and I guess he inspired hella beat generation people like Kerouac and Burroughs n' shiiiiit. It's pretty interesting, he's just some kid/ young guy hooking up with all these burglars and learning the trade, hopping trains and smoking opium.




    Also picking away at this. Mostly trying to read a chapter or two right before I go to bed so I can get scared haha People always say this book is scary, and I've never been scared by a book, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's admittedly a little creepy so far. Also, never seen the classic movie before either, so I wanted to read the book before I saw it.

  7. ^ Damn, sorry about pic size.



    Maybe its the combat vet thing, like badge-bunnies that go for cops or firefighters, but I've known/seen plenty of ladies go for visibly disabled vets. Its like their own little badge of honor or something.


    Also, did not know that there was an actual term for that sort of thing. "Badge bunnies" lolz.

  8. sorry to say this, but maybe said friend can get an eye patch or something, you know? i always thought eye patches were kind of cool & im sure hipster whores would probably be swooned by a dude with one thats genuine. he just wouldnt show it to them until he met the right chick, like phantom of the opera or something & thatd be all right


    I've always thought eye patches were kind of cool because of this guy


  9. I can't believe NO ONE has posted about this since it happened. I expected the oontz to have something to say on this guy's behalf.



    Elliot Rodger! He recently went on a shooting spree around Isla Vista, which is pretty much the college town of UC Santa Barbara. He went driving around in his nice BMW and shot/ killed a few college kids around town.


    ANYWAY, his youtube channel was pretty entertaining because he's whining about how his life is so damn unfair because he can't get the ladies and bone them, even with all the money he's got LOL



  10. If you can't eat 150 grams of protein in a day, you better be a midget or have cancer, cuz something is wrong with you lol.

    I just ate 194 grams in one meal.


    On caffeine...caffeine stops working at the same dosage after about 2 weeks.

    After that you either have to up the dose or take a break for about 1-2 weeks before it will start to be effective again.

    Something something brain receptors adapt blah blah barf.


    LOL While I am petite, that isn't the reason why I don't eat a lot. I just forget, or I'm too damn lazy. Ya, pretty gay, whateva. Also, I don't eat meat and I mainly use a combination of egg whites and whole eggs to get my protein, as well as other sources :P

  11. I've been lurking this thread for a bit now and just recently started working out again after 15+ years. I was taking a power circuit course that included some light cross fit type routines mixed with dead lifts, squats and power cleans. I am also taking some pre-med courses and have been learning about the physiological mechanisms of nutrient uptake and excretion. My question for you fellas is do you do your own research on what supplements to take pre/post workout, or do you just trust the label that what they are giving you is in the right combination to what you need?


    I hear all types of conflicting talk about what is right and what is wrong, and when to take this or that.


    Also have any of you heard of Onnit? I only know of it from listening to Joe Rogan's Podcasts.


    Your thoughts are appreciated....


    I've only ever used whey protein as a supplement, simply for the fact that I don't eat that much (ya I know I should) and can't get my prescribed protein needs. Therefore, I SUPPLEMENT my diet with it. That's what it's for, it's not really meant as a replacement. In fact, many arguments have been made that real food would serve better :P I hear good things about creatine and strength increases and the added water weight that makes you look more swoll. A lot of people take preworkouts to hype them up for their workout. Never taken them, but I've used coffee/ espresso to stay motivated/energized. Idk if that's actually "good" for you, but I don't really care, because I like it. :cool:

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