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  1. fucking little bastards ;)


    naw i had the same problem what it iz like mid way thru, just waited it out n it was coo


    I eventually figured out that you have to click on HD to turn the HD off and then it will play right.


    For those of us who don't have HD computers I guess.

  2. this guy is on tour with Del..





    That's gotta be the same nut I saw at a Del show back in 2001 or 2002.

    Dude was all over the stage with his skateboard in his hand, grabbing the mic from Del at least twice every song shouting out graff writers and skateboarders.

    Prancing around like an idiot thinking anybody gave a shit about him.

    I think he was claiming to be Del's A&R or Producer or some shit.

    That combined with the fact that the audience was 80% college dude-bro's and 19% white dudes with dreadlocks ruined the show.


    I felt bad for Del after that.

  3. Shit rhymes with shit? When does your album drop br0?


    You obviously haven't listened to any recent rap music.


    Saying the same word over and over again instead of rhyming is the new hot shit next to autotune.

  4. rape after all, is about power and degradation, usually it's not at all about sex.


    I've always had a problem with this statement.

    It smacks of propaganda.

    You can't just blanket every singe case of rape as having the same motive.

    Infact I'm willing to bet that at least half if not most actual rapes (dude forcing sex on a woman) is all about the sex.

    Some reject who can't get pussy the old fashioned way deciding he's going to get it one way or another.


    And do you really think every case of date rape is about some dude who hates women and is out to degrade them as opposed to just some raging horndog who is incapable of registering the word "no"?

  5. and agreed on the underage broads \

    Saw a kid on dateline- was a senior in hs dating a jr. as soon as he turned 18 the girls parents pressed charges.. He was convicted/stat rape or something-- Had to put a sign in front of his PARENTS house saying a sex offender lived there. WTF is that??? Think it was in Texas And all for the signs for the real rapists



    Somebody should shoot that bitches parents.

    Make an example out of em.

  6. but i fear it was some alien form of new tick breed

    cause i did some research to find out what kind it was and i swear i didn't

    see the culprits mugshot. . . .




    Looks like a fairly standard tick to me.

  7. This guy should have got a lawyer. That registering as a sex offender shit is fucked up



    I'm with you when it comes to dudes getting caught pissing behind a dumpster in certain cities being charged with sex crimes and having to register as a sex offender.

    Or 19-20 year olds getting labeled sex offenders for getting busted fucking underage broads.



    But homeboy jacked off in a bitches water so that she'd drink his cum.

    C'mon son.

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  8. 12 year old twins ripping. nice edit too.


    Is this video working for everyone else?

    Every time I try to watch it it just skips around like a bunch of photo's strung together.


    If that's what you meant by "nice edit", then it's fucking annoying.

    Or maybe my computer's fucked up.

    But it's only doing that while trying to watch this video.


    Anybody else having this problem?

  9. nohomo feelings for mikey. I admit I was immature when I was younger and I even laugh about that shit but back then I was scared shitless about getting in any sort of trouble (I even counted out 3 seconds for my turn signal before I changed lanes "cuz that's the law!") so I didn't want to fuck him up but I wanted him to stop fucking calling me. So replace physical aggression with 911 and there you go. But I'm older now and honestly want nothing to do with the police. Even if I'm the one wronged. I can handle it myself.


    I'm sure that's the same excuse every pussy ass faggot who calls the cops on people uses.

    And you called the cops on your boy for what exactly? Cause he professed his faggot love for you?

    Instead of laughing in and/or punching him in his face you called the cops like some teenage girl trying to get the attention of having your stalker boyfriend locked up?


    Once a snitch, always a snitch.


    Somehow I'm thinking there's more to the story between you and your gay boyfriend than you're letting on.

    Tell the truth now, you's were giving each other blowjobs in that rehab, weren't you?

    Infact, it went on longer than that. He wasn't your "room mate", he was your live in boyfriend.

    That's why he caught feelings and spazzed the fuck out when he saw you hooking up with a bitch.

    And that's why you called the cops to get a restraining order on him like a fucking female instead of just beating his ass.

  10. ideally you would have wanted to take a squirt of the liquid soap and put it on that fucker. It wouldn't be able to breathe and would start crawling away.




    And here I went and took a lit match to the fucker when I had a tic on my dick.

    Wish I would've known about that liquid soap trick then.

    Learn something new everyday.

  11. I haven't read this yet thread but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the tenth person to tell you that you did it wrong and the head of the tic is still in your dick and it's going to grow into a full sized tic inside your dick.

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