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  1. 1dumbNut


    my girl goes to school out there, i been lookin to bomb those walls downtown for a while lol. I wanna come out and see whats good out there, i have never actually seen ANY graff at all out there(besides hipsters trying to do some "street art")
  2. everyone raving about these marker pics might find this interesting http://www.fourgsmagazine.com/2011/2011-03/500-marker-poster.html
  3. so im assuming your saying thats not a good idea? The paint says its a laquer so i figured laquer thinner right?
  4. Well because he only racked a small amount of it and if i only get half and screw it up then im completely screwed on the most beautiful color i have ever laid eyes on. I wanna do it right the first time. Im thinking of doin it just like ghetto krink. 2/3 paint to 1/3 laquer thinner
  5. So my buddy is learning auto body and he got his hands on this amazing metalic blue color, i have never seen anything so cool. He doesnt really know what he wants to do with it so i i want to see if i can get some of it. How would i go about thinning it for a mop? i tried googling it and its saying that technically car paint is a laquer, so would i use laquer thinner?
  6. add clay to your ink? what does that do?
  7. why not put it on a wall? Thin it out a shit ton and put it in a mop. Or thin it and mix a little with your inks. I know the molotow coversall has tar in it and it works well.
  8. ok i understand what your saying. the pens are unison medium point. I believe that they are just some cheap ass target brand. They were 20 for 99 cents. I was pleasntly surprised with how much ink there was in the inside, seeing as how i notice most pens are at most a little over half full most of the time. And i ripped all the pens apart and pulled the whole nk tube away from the ballpoint metal piece in the end, then cut off the excess empty tube and then cut them in half so the ink could flow out easier. i got 80pens all together. im just gunna throw them all in then and see what happens
  9. I need some help. I got bored and decided to try my hand at homemade ink just for the hell of it (even though i dont do much tagging indoors). When i saw the 40 pens in 1/2 cup of 91 percent alchohal, i noticed that the amount of ink in each pens was about half of the amount my pens had. So i put 1 cup of alchohal, only 70%, and used 40 pens that seemed to be a substantial amount more actual ink. But not my ink looks just way too thin, almost just like black water. Is that normal? Should i add more pens? Maybe 20 more? Or should i scrap the whole batch and try to find a higher percentage alchohal?
  10. plastic wrap/plastic bags/papertowels fool!
  11. Interesgting thread, i think it has to do with both. Really graffiti takes a certain kind of mentality to want to go out and ruin and destroy public property, which is not for your average everyday joe, and naturally some of the same thought processes and personalities go along with that mentality. But at the same time i think you pick up on a lot of "street smarts" from going out and experiencing and adventuring.
  12. ^wow, you blew my mind there a little bit. Thank you.
  13. 1dumbNut


    i was thinking the same thing. This whiole thread reminds me of war 4 when they were stompin that kid like TKO MOTHER FUCKER TKO! Or when the guy pulled the gun on the 2 tko guys at the party.... good times
  14. hmmmm, ill cop me one next time
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