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  1. dang cives got ragged, that thing was running for a while
  2. the chipped, faded piece is kems one. he used to have stuff at the alpha bridge/ tvt hall. good piecer.
  3. that's cool y'all let the mentally retarded in your crew
  4. i don't know what the floating heads on tv are talking about, the economy never came back. trickle down my ass, that's why all these writers from the 90s are making comebacks god bless em
  5. nah not sport the other thing, you posted it after jedi in your last post
  6. who does those weird glowing dogshit things with the eyeball inside
  7. anybody got the rest of the ser neo godfuck spot next to vet on 95
  8. eptic is the one writer i really would like to see make a comeback round these parts...
  9. turning 30 and looking old before my time has been a good motivator to stop. haven't been drunk in 2 weeks, until last night when i was forced to taste something at my job (restaurant biz). that little taste made the thirst come out bigtime. turned me into barney gumble on the simpsons.
  10. paint on that wall fades really quick from the water dripping down it in the rain
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