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Everything posted by Gutterbugz

  1. were the fuck do you find abandoned planes?!?!?
  2. damn id be pissed if i lived on the west coast,yall niggas is LAME... bump sestor,the only good shit in this thread
  3. God damn swag your too clean,you be wearin a apron while you paintin to?
  4. Why the fuck would you say whats up on a forum? and bump white castle clams
  5. And why the fuck is my o a depressed face?
  6. I think he was trying to go 4-d thats all,im pretty sure hes not that stupid.... edit:or maybe his OWN DIMENSION!?!?
  7. And now that i look at it again im really diggin toasts 3d and continue to blow my computer screen in on account of it barely allowing me to do anything at all....
  8. I like how the A is fisting the R bump fars and oar,his shit always makes me happy...and toast taste better BURNT.
  9. FUCK i guess thats the cool thing to do in newyork? and his boy at the end is whack as fuck.
  10. dude was probably an undo,but hey what the fuck do i know.
  11. That aint dandruff homeboy,hell naw that aint dandruff...
  12. would have got the orgasmic gasm also but it was completely covered in vines...
  13. AMO AND ELMER ARE MY FUCKING HEROS. on a side note,alpha boy got some anger issues
  14. Damn you got me,or did the dictionary get you !?!? ......jk
  15. god damn son you should write a novel....or be a stand up comedian
  16. Lol ward you really expected these cats to know what sans means,always remember that the grammar in this bitch is at a 5th grade level,but hey no problem with that...be koo bump eufoe and ward
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