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  1. were the fuck do you find abandoned planes?!?!?
  2. damn id be pissed if i lived on the west coast,yall niggas is LAME... bump sestor,the only good shit in this thread
  3. God damn swag your too clean,you be wearin a apron while you paintin to?
  4. Why the fuck would you say whats up on a forum? and bump white castle clams
  5. And why the fuck is my o a depressed face?
  6. I think he was trying to go 4-d thats all,im pretty sure hes not that stupid.... edit:or maybe his OWN DIMENSION!?!?
  7. And now that i look at it again im really diggin toasts 3d and continue to blow my computer screen in on account of it barely allowing me to do anything at all....
  8. I like how the A is fisting the R bump fars and oar,his shit always makes me happy...and toast taste better BURNT.
  9. FUCK i guess thats the cool thing to do in newyork? and his boy at the end is whack as fuck.
  10. dude was probably an undo,but hey what the fuck do i know.
  11. That aint dandruff homeboy,hell naw that aint dandruff...
  12. would have got the orgasmic gasm also but it was completely covered in vines...
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