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  1. or some paint by number cwazeee lol
  2. nothing like pissing on grave stones
  3. Can't beat vims. Everyone should take a lesson from his hands. seriously, the only one in here with any sort of flow... my vote goes to them. As for all graff handstyles evolving from cholo tags? that's why nyc hands and philly wickeds look nothing like chaz' hands from the 70s... eep that must have been the quickest evolution ever. and haha george romero, you took a tic tac? my e-fame... my e-faaaaaaaaaaaaaaame :( noooooooooooooooo what will i do without internet props!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the only thing that matters :( qvmp hahahaha 8===D~~~~
  4. you sold me whack handstyles and now all the kids at school make fun of me, dbag
  5. maybe if i can get an army of dickriders to vote for my mike giant lord of the rings computer font i'll get at you putting up applications now i'll be back after i watch some gay gundam anime and ask my mom to pick me up some soda. haha thats mad cute tho, writing my name over and over. did you do that at school while you were thinking about the me? what would toner think if he found out you loved another man.
  6. Hahahah this is the hardest dickride i've ever seen in my life
  7. Damnnnn son are you from CALIFORNIA? daaaaaaaamn mike giant junior lol
  8. lol the only half decent thing in that entire oneoneniner slop was the B.
  9. Why so worried about everyone else. Worry about yourself. Also, I'm going to have to disagree with all the advice this dude just gave ASPEK...
  10. bigears


    this is all sorts of embarrassing for two many reasons to post... get some paper and wash that stupid shit off. wtf
  11. Hold up. Hold up. You just told the dude not to chomp, then you tell some dude he can write something like COPE2 and fuck what everyone else thinks. Make up your mind. And second, welcome to the toy thread. For everyone throwing their weight around it's time to get off your high horse and mind your own. Bite bite bite because now's the time to do it. Why's everyone so worried about somebody else. Let the dudes who got their letters chomped do soemthing about it. They won't lol. Ain't nobody care but the chicken heads in here cluckin. This is the TOYS forum. chill.
  12. cosigning what RES4 just said. You do something funky with the arm on your K tho I'd say find a different place to connect it, or a different way to connect it. It should be connected like your R is.
  13. What people write in the thread doesn't matter. You can write whatever you want in your books. Anyway, kids crack me up these days. You're on the internet, you should NEVER have to ask a question because you're sitting in front of ALL THE ANSWERS. Just do five seconds of work... http://streetfiles.org/search/Deser http://www.fotolog.com/6raffiti_art/8226868
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