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  1. I'm gonna have to trash the whole page so far.
  2. I like the last one the best, Tramp Stamp. With that being said, it's still not perfect; some of the extensions, such as the ones on the T and at the bottom of the R are very out of place and strange looking. Also, I feel like the O is so out of place from the rest of the letters. I assume that's what you were going for, but nonetheless I can't help but feel that it throws of the flow of the entire rest of the sketch... Some of the work that you post is bad, and some shows potential, such as the last one that I just referenced (the pink one). Try to stick closer to that style and play off of that; work with what you're good at and build off of it. Regardless, keep it up; you'll get better in time.
  3. True. TPBM could eat Sun Chips all day, erry day.
  4. False. TPBM feels as depressed as I do.
  5. False. TPBM is addicted to Monster Energy Drink.
  6. I think I'd probably smash the last one.
  7. I suggest leaving space between your letters so that they don't connect; those connections don't look that great. Keep it up though!
  8. The N and the K on this last one of yours are pretty decent, but the E, and what looks like an H seem so out of place. If you were the have made them similar to the N and the K it would have been a great sketch! Keep it up!
  9. The last one one the previous page is absolutely a trash. Ew. Good lord.
  10. False... Wtf? TPBM is in love with Smokahontas.
  11. False; I know computers better than that majority of people I know. TPBM prefers blondes over brunettes.
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