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  1. Hell yeah qsysue! those macro shots are awesome. the yarn idea is great too. going to have to try the panorama experiment. looks so rad!
  2. I have seen some recipes for the Wineol and even using Coca-cola. If ether of them work as well as the caffenol then it's worth trying! I love the caffenol.
  3. The K-1000 was my first camera, got me through highschool and is still on my shelf today. The shots are amazing with it! Shit, my whole senior portfolio was k1000 negatives and it got me into art school hahaha.
  4. Here is one of the caffenol negatives I posted after scanning.. Some minor fog and a bit over exposed. Shouldn't have been shooting directly into the sun. Noticed that with the caffenol it is EXTREMELY delicate to developing time. I changed my time from 8min @ 70 degrees to 7min and it made a nice difference in how dense the negatives were. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8002/7651277122_cc9f13af5d.jpg' alt='7651277122_cc9f13af5d.jpg'> WestendSmokeStack1 copy by Negative_Coffee, on Flickr[/img]
  5. http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8293/7641071714_d49aca1c7e.jpg' alt='7641071714_d49aca1c7e.jpg'> neg by Negative_Coffee, on Flickr[/img] Ilford Delta 100 developed in Caffenol. Took me three rolls to get it just right. I will have to say, it's pretty freaking cool!
  6. shooting some ASA100 Ilford HP5 right now and going to try it. Will post photos of the finish product!
  7. This thread is slowly becoming the only thing I check out on here anymore. GOOD STUFF IN HERE! Few things I have sitting in my hard drive. trying to rescue all my negatives from a house fire I had last August. FILM FILM T3i T3i Check out this too.. evilemulsion.tumblr.com
  8. Post finished photos Get it straight.
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