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  1. LLove Sprite with Codiene doe!


    ive drank this shit everyday for the past couple months.


    also my bro built one of these when he was like 12, he had a sick one with a crushed velvet trailer he made himself with a sub and deck, he filled in the frame, flake paint, pinstripe, ordered all the twisted handlebars n shit.



  2. so... anyone ever heard of VAJAZZLING?


    "The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's nether regions for aesthetic purposes.


    Don't worry ladies. You don't put rhinestones right on your labia. They're glued to the pubic area; more specifically the vulva. This is typically done after getting a full, Brazilian, wax. It's no different than using temporary cosmetic adhesive to any other part of your body. Typically this has been done on the arms, around the eyes, on the neck, and legs."


    cant post pics cause im at work, here's a link.




    rhinestones on vag. nonsense.

  3. Re: Graphic Designer Wanted!


    Is anyone, or does anyone know any good graphic designers/artist looking for some paid work?


    I'd prefer a link to an online portfolio if available, or contact me on http://twitter.com/#!/SecretCastle_SC or http://secret-castle.com/


    Just a few odd jobs around the site and logo/illustration work.


    I would be grateful of any help.





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