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  1. that whole prodo is looking nice. rekobi comin through lookin cleeeeaann. bump that beast and moe too, both pretty chill dudes.
  2. should have blasted over that panze while you were at it. that dude is a straight bitch
  3. wait, that throw says esay? lol. i guess hes never heard of esay mul
  4. yo terminalfilth, post the misery too fool, and some other joints. holla
  5. ok for one, that broad is not ugly at all... you probably like them ugly ass pale hipster chicks with shitty vintage clothing, or redheads with mad fucking freckles and flat ass'es can anybody else viewing this thread please tell me how that broad is ugly?
  6. misery,karu. to bad you didnt get that baine next to em
  7. i woulddd loveeee to come down to a spot and see a bunch of lil fucks dickin my piece like that, id beat em the fuck down right there, spray paint there faces, make em learn that they shouldnt do that shit
  8. guys guys, go easy on fr8slayer hes already half retarded and has been living off the government for quite some time now because of it. his opinion dosnt matter, hes been painting for ten + years now, and hasnt gotten better one bit. fuck him
  9. ^^^yupp that was cincinnati. fucking gay uc college kid
  10. trops are mostly on the midwest, and down south, they go east and west somewhat but not really. the main tropicana yards like there warehouses are in both ohio and florida, so if you dont live in those two states, its rare at times to catch one laid up somewere. but they do belong to ta, i mean anybody can paint em, but if caught by a ta member laid up in there yard, its getting gone over. TROPICANA ASSASSIN'S
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