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Everything posted by oe800

  1. oe800

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Vic20 and ikso fresh ones
  2. oe800

    BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF * BEEF Official Thread.

    That lush mque shit is hilarious I couldnt be mad if I was any of them
  3. oe800

    partying in portland...

    i dont care what anyone does was just stating the fact that that guy has no need to worry about being arrested for painting a plywood wall .carry on
  4. oe800

    partying in portland...

    That shits painted on plywood probably in his yard look at the lines where the wood splits on all 3 pieces he shouldnt be worried about catchin a charge anyway
  5. oe800

    Reefer Madness

    found some info lastnight ipfx is iowa pacific fruit expres
  6. oe800

    Reefer Madness

    Does anyone know anything about a refer that was once owned by amtrack? Saw one it was all silver think it said ipfx I cant find any info on them
  7. oe800

    partying in portland...

    i would hope nobody is dumb enough to use a real email address anyway so no big deal
  8. oe800

    Reefer Madness

    but there is so much style in those tags..........................
  9. oe800


  10. oe800

    seattle > portland area freights

    The Hardest Crew Around FRE BIG ROLER
  11. oe800


    price by md-20/20, on Flickr ROSE/SKERT by oh'yea..BIG`TIME!, on Flickr dk by jetpack mcleod, on Flickr CAJUN by oh'yea..BIG`TIME!, on Flickr vsop.BTM by NWKINGS, on Flickr gold by gsauce748, on Flickr Untitled by chrondon, on Flickr BTM by tred1btmob, on Flickr #michaeljackson by OUTMETHEFUCKSWAGG, on Flickr price by md-20/20, on Flickr Kato by *Laali*, on Flickr
  12. oe800

    NY/CT/MA Bench 2011

    i have been seeing a few montana rail link cars with NS stamps on them too
  13. oe800

    Tri-State bench

    nice kadie,mber,ich
  14. oe800

    Someone post this on ......!

    good stuff
  15. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    figured people might like to see new flicks hold your tears ill try to find one of yours
  16. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    every post i have seen from you has been some smart ass remark i put my photo stream up and im sure im not who you think i am
  17. oe800

    Tri-State bench

    ^^^ this civ is dope
  18. oe800

    Props are still free

    quality bench alot of gems in there
  19. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    hense by md-20/20, on Flickr
  20. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    repo by md-20/20, on Flickr
  21. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    acet by md-20/20, on Flickr
  22. oe800

    OE-800 NW BENCH

    swek by md-20/20, on Flickr