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  1. I'm definitely feelin the new JIMY straights
  2. Today, Jesus died on a cross for my sins, so I could live to be a dope-shooting, crack-smoking, skin-picking, vandal and kleptomaniac. Thanks man, you shouldn't have...Happy Easter
  3. tired of freights, kepos do some highway shit or somethin...fuck richmond
  4. bump the RUSLE tag, and the ESKO throw
  5. I'm feelin those Jimy tags, and that ALAK philly-style attempt in the last flick
  6. ^^^ that's what I was thinking. pretty colors, no doubt
  7. that OMEGA3 is the shit! Straight out of a comic book
  8. I really wish there was more cats doin' it in the Seven Cities.......it ain't a game without competition
  9. Holy shit that wall with DICKO and the MSK dudes is fire. Something is also appealing about that dusty JIMY throw, but I'm not sure what it is....
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