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  1. Bump some fucken Pear and all my Cali Heavy hitter niggas we miss you out here in the Left Coast.
  2. Get yo bacon smelling ass the fuck out of here fuck yo college education
  3. Bump some real killas Not these wak sfe toys. lets your stuff is garbage. And fuck your self promotion:)
  4. Hey can some repost those hot hipster chicks from along time ago it was three gurls showing there boobies. Much appreciated.
  5. Got to Love this Dude.:eek: :eek: And scrap_killa Come to SC talkin that Mess :)
  6. -Fuck what you Heard, it's about Where your At.
  7. For All my Killa B's In Bed-Stuy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy4arOIxXlM&feature=related Just stoppin By showin some love:)
  8. Turn it up Just a little Bit louder Matador! For you can Hear it. Love From all your Carnales.
  9. A little Song for my Friend Kose You deserve it you Kill it All Nation!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy4arOIxXlM&feature=related Enjoy:) :)
  10. These gentlemen Are Handling the CV right now.
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