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  1. well im missin the whole inside joke thing. so here goes a link to some rap music. you's might not like it. :::::::
  2. dud3z. can we n0t take it tot3z serious? bad s3rious ok? those two guys up there ** ^^^^^^^^^ have good styles. specially the second one. **
  3. no i dont care who trogg slayer is. he or she posts good flix. so i whatevea. keep em comin. pz,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. srry guyz, jus tryna create some lawlz. guess not. RE JE CT ED!!!!
  6. not flippin ASK............ A S K M U L.........
  7. im nobody. but trogg slayer should reveal his identity. not. aint that the whole point of the internet? not revelations..............................................................????????
  8. im sure someone far too hip hop for me and u done made use of is....... but woooooookkaaaaaaaayyyyy feeeeeelllllllazzzzzz......
  9. listening to raekwon and drinking a warm gin and tonic.
  10. pretty much co-sign this. it seemed like he justified the syrup to an extent by the fact that he doesnt drink or do harder drugs... but like you said it seems as though he might as well jus be doin H at the point he's at. another thing i found interesting is how he was talkin about "no evidence," for when he died but then when the interview asked him about his death he said he never thought about it and that that was, "stupid." i think dude still got some issues to work out cuz of what his boy was talking about, noone really wants to be like that...
  11. Good looks on that link... im a wayne fan to a certain extent, but without a doubt respect his work ethic... after watchin that movie all it confirmed is that homie is not fucking normal.
  12. and yeah it sucks. but that's probably one of the best document pieces of graffiti in history.
  13. seconded. all estimations are bullshit. over-exaggerating graffiti cleanup costs is a great way to divert those funds to other areas of government/people's pockets. Joe taxpayer cannot live to see a fillin everymorning. So they dont have a problem with the cost, just that it's happening.
  14. tupac - drunk freestyle : and tupac - so many tears i hate how everyone always compares 'pac and big but i do think pac had more soul... and if you read about his views and morals a lot of his music carries more meaning. and like someone else said, for every "shoot em up" song, he has a "brenda's got a baby" and "dear mama" etc. even if you dont like dude, you gotta respect his work ethic. he put out more music in a shorter period of time than almost any other artist (excluding lil wayne whos name shouldnt even be put in the same sentence as pac's)...a lot of it did sound similar, but what do you expect?
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