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Everything posted by branucus0420

  1. ^^ AH HAHAHAHA!!!! Second that! ^^ :D
  2. :D looks like someone is being a "self premoter" :D
  3. my question is when did that Augor piece at the old school get finished...?
  4. i say if the shit is dope (wall/freight) then the shit is dope. plus if i cant read it and it looks like it could possiable be dope then that makes me want to flick it more...it aint nothing to delete a flick. but thats just me i guess...
  5. do you got the flicks of the bottom on that 1st st joe?
  6. shit on me...killer catches homie
  7. that CN flat is stoopid sick...dope catch
  8. ^^i second that notion...sick letters homie
  9. i dont understand why people wanna put some bunk ass throwies on something like a fucking Pan Am.....WTF? Bump Gore4 and Wase dope thread
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