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  1. Everyone shut the fuck up and post something interesting for my eyes. a couple quick pieces for a show. spray paint and some marker action. 3 feet by 3 feet each Not my best, not my worst, had to bust this shit out in an instant, and its a HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN TRYING TO DEFINE WHAT THE FUCK A CANVAS IS GROW THE FUCK UP EVERYONE JESUS
  2. $1000 is perfectly reasonable. Its all you guys undercutting yourself and devaluing your work that think thats expensive. Let me guess, the most you've chopped a painting for is what, $200?
  3. apart from the crew itself, and the work in here, this has to be the gayest thread on the planet.
  4. yea, read about it ON THE STREET. where GRAFFITI belongs! fucking hell.
  5. Here EKSR, Its not working because you are pasting in an HTML page URL, not the actual jpg. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2668/4146553556_a5403b85e2_b.jpg
  6. you need to copy and paste the full url to the jpg. Click "Full View" for whatever image you want to post here, scroll down and copy and paste the url from the "Grab the photo's URL" to embed images on this forum the URL to the image needs to end in .jpg, otherwise it wont work. then you just wrap the usual BBCODE img tag around it (without any spaces)
  7. i think they spent too much time on the unnecessary details and crap without looking at the bigger picture. you gotta take a step back and take everything in before you jump in and add a million hours of work. The hood and mask do not convince me. The illustration itself isn't very complex, its actually quite normal, but its lacking a lot that could bring it to that next level. composition, flavour, style, it all needs some work. No offense abastraction, I certainly can't draw the way you do, so i have respect for you in that way, i just think you are capable of more.
  8. A little too complex. Try simplifying things more next time
  9. Bojangles, thats how its done. Very nice
  10. This thread has been brought back to life!
  11. Been a while, bitchez A bear, in a tree, whistling.
  12. Thats a fly jacket Here's a piece I did at a live painting event. The curvy left side of the M was probably a bad idea, oh well. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS 4ft x 16ft two plywood panels
  13. Children these days. you're just making yourself look like an idiot, grow up
  14. Enough with the caps lock. and everyone else, shut up already. Here's something I'm really not too happy with. If I had the time I would have developed the face more and added iller shit, but this had to be done last minute for a show.
  15. you gotta remove the plastic wrapping around the marker, and then untwist the top. then you remove the plastic insert inside it that has the spring in it. just play around with a dead marker and you'll figure it out
  16. lol, i hate painting dogs, after i did this for my mommy wommy, i was paid to do two more people love their dogs
  17. i wanna play along too! Here's an oldie, 2007 i think spray paint and markers
  18. agreed, good stuff med heres another longboard, spraypaint background, 4 minutes worth of paint markering toronto city scape
  19. "JAMS" Less of a focus on letter structure, more about the characters in this one 2 feet by 4 feet, airbrush and markers. Terrence is the dude's son's name who commissioned this.
  20. Walk down alleyways and find free boards of wood. Old shelf wood is good, anything with some kind of finish. You could also invest in a giant roll of pre-gesso'd canvas in a roll, and stretch it all yourself. a big up roll of canvas costs about $50, could make a fuck ton out of it
  21. Yay, saturday 2(12x24) I did the blue one, these are large, close to, or over 6 feet long
  22. hahaahaha, armand.... nice Live painting event, 3 four foot by 8 foot panels, all spray paint. messy too... time was a factor Montana Gold's yellows and oranges SUCK BALLS. fucking transparent bullshit. Fuck!
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