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  1. ya, and I was being sarcastic, smart ass
  2. No beef or anything, but I hate when people say shit like this. Its partly Totem's fault for being so fucking dope and basically kinging that style, but like, fuuuuck. As long as its not a direct bite then why even say something like that? Its also like saying "That piece is a little too Cope2-ish" just because its a new york flavour of wild style. Useless comparisons, save it for biting!
  3. Everything about that THEME (except the last "E") is what you should be aiming for. simple, chunky, and full of style all at the same time check the lean on all the letters, how it all mostly matches, gives it nice movement and flow Heh... ghost images. still a pretty applicable image for a ghost image
  4. better silo, makes a big difference now do that 8 or 9 hundred more times, it comes with the territory :)
  5. Right.... "once in a while" and you must think I have a crush on you if you think I'm going to spend my time trolling through all your internet garbage. /end Drafting tip: the blue grid lines on grid paper don't show up when you photocopy it. Do with that what you will internet friends well, the high quality grid paper anyways ....
  6. wow, something actually helpful from lady_sec for once grid paper is the best
  7. No problem. You could also take it one step further and lay down some vertical guide lines so that all your vertical thicknesses are on point too, and all the hole cutouts (P matching the A for example)
  8. here's a simple trick for improving that fat cap blocky The C and P, and the dash could all be lined up all nice like Then you should stop trying to act like one. And yes, its pitiful, because of idiots like you
  9. well to be honest, i couldn't really tell that it said ORIS, so.... not so good. Seriously, forget completely about extensions and connectors and trying to piece together all your letters into some form of a wild style. I know, it sucks, but once you figure out a really nice simple straight letter burner then you can start twisting it and adding arrows and extensions onto it. And believe me, no one has been able to perfect straight letters. they're the hardest thing to do, but also the most beneficial skill to master, because you can take all the rules and tricks you learn about composition, flow, structure, and everything else that you figure out by practice and apply it to wild style burners. You probably know all this already, really just writing it openly for anyone else who cares to read
  10. silo check out what criminl has been up to with their letters, you're jumping in too fast also, on a second note: you should start. thats how you learn to develop. I look at every single thing I see around me and ask myself "How can this be improved" if you can look at a piece and there is not something that you can't see any room for improvement on, then either you're ignorant or its a decent piece. No one's perfect, at least you're right about that. But that opens the door for your own development if you can see those faults
  11. I only analyze the shitty bars and extensions and structure Haters? if I were a hater I wouldn't be in this pitiful toy thread here giving my opinion. What are you, 12? Instead of trying to sound like a big man, you should focus on your own work and fuck off very much thanks. @silo: forget about arrows and extensions for now. They might be fun and all to throw in, but at the state you're at you really should focus on banging out nice solid simple letters. They're the foundation. Can't stress that enough
  12. you mean the low light inside the pink is fresh...... the letter structure is all over the place on that one, the pink masks it, the more I look the more I see fault
  13. This is not bad. But all very generic. Your letter sense and structure is decent, now just apply it to your own style and you'll be golden
  14. I'm just saying, the pictures you took are over contrasted, I can't tell what the real colours look like, takes away from the art as a whole And in terms of posting other peoples work, I'll put it to you this way. I'm not about to go post a piece by picasso in here, just because "its on canvas and its hard" You may not know it, but people who just don't fucking have a clue will think that its YOUR work. and thats STEALING. the dude who posted those alex pardee pieces (no matter how dope they are) is WRONG because noobs who just sift through this forum think its that persons work. post your own work. thats the whole point.
  15. crawfish, a little trigger happy on the contrast there eh? Might i suggest taking pictures of your work outside on a nice day? can't beat good ol' daylight ...
  16. I was just time traveling back in this thread and I think I've figured out what exactly it is about your canvases that doesnt feel "complete" to me. You should work on adding more thick-to-thins on your outlines, give certain curves some girth and accent as opposed outlining the entire piece with one thickness of outline. here's a shitty example of what i mean, check the black outline on totem's characters' hat, primarily the brim of the hatz also... you don't always have to outline in black :P
  17. didn't catch this, deserves a bump! i like!
  18. ya but the blue stuff ruins it :(
  19. Thats the spirit! Personally I think you need to spend a bit more time on concepts and design. I mean, you painted them, and they exist, but you need to hop on that next level tip and create stuff that is less generic and more unique! -jams
  20. Not a bad idea for computing a good composition, but also kind of useless once you take the plastic off :P lol i just use various light coloured paintmarkers when sketching stuff like that out *Shrug*
  21. thanks man, I'm currently working on a super secret huge ass body of work for a solo show in june, so nothing really new to show check my flickr, it gets updated the most frequently http://www.flickr.com/photos/my-banana-hammock/
  22. Less quantity, MORE QUALITY cant remember if i ever posted this, if i did, go ahead and yell at me on the internet @perfectloveone- if you have a white bathtub, take flicks of your stuff in that, as opposed to setting up a white paper background and such
  23. I wonder if someone has posted this video yet. I think its the best video on the web. By far.
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