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  1. The Elmers markers are the best. Its the most opaque white i've ever EVER used, and every colour (except for orange) covers amazingly. Not only that, but they dry matte, unlike the Sharpies. Which is better for taking flicks, and easier to see what you've already painted when doing your second or third coat. (sometimes i do 5!!) And when you make a mistake, its easier to wipe away with your finger than the Sharpie paint (not talking about the oil based sharpies, those suck big sweaty donkey dick) Aaaaaand because I hate posting without a picture, here's an older piece. each canvas is 20" by 40" Wallpaper glued to canvas
  2. Yea, stick with whats in them. But be wise about it. For example, If I need to make a light lime green, I start with one full marker of white as a base (very important, and sometimes I pour in more white to fill the marker completely so that I have enough to get the job done) and add a tiny bit of yellow to make it pale pale yellow, and then a microbe of blue to switch it to the green. These paints do not behave at all like normal acrylics, so be aware of that. Watering down acrylic to put inside the marker will not work, it will just make a mess of your canvas. That said, here's a piece i did with 95% custom mixed colours. Its on a long board. Sort of a grainy picture, the only colours I didnt mix, are the white and orange. And thats a dark purple you see, not black or whatever.... "JAMS" Letters kind of suck on this one...
  3. ^yea, then you pull the thing out of the thing. Trick is using the right colours in the right increments to get the right colours :S
  4. I mix my own colours these days though, so thats where the lime green came from. Also, don't forget to go over your white lines 3 or 4 times to make'm nice and solid :P
  5. nice one style! here's a change of pace, small little box canvases. 4x8x3 J A M S
  6. Nice one Nomaq. Looks great! Two feet by Four feet, Airbrush and paint markers again, sorry for the glare.
  7. Two feet by Four feet. wallpaper background, marker science, sorry for the glare.
  8. kismet by jams Two feet by 6 feet Airbrush and markers. /That layer cake canvas is going to be rugged
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