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  1. sread


    nope that defiantly would not work for one i am not white second i am not a justin bieber clone
  2. sread


    shit like this pisses me off expessaly cuz there telling him hes so talented and shit
  3. any one interested in any of the cans i posted a few oages back final offfer very cheap?
  4. well anyone hmu if you want to buy any of it also i think i might have to cap to the imperial
  5. are people interested in older american accents and painters touch? so i can flick em
  6. thanks for the help guys also how would i go about letting the collectors "have a crack " at the old shit
  7. i need males caps? i should have clarifyed i need a fat male cap for older rusto krylon osh etc
  8. aye whats the best for a female valve? i recently came into a shit load of paint almost all of it female rusto krylon osh etc american paint whats the best tip ? fat lines perferably
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