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  1. If it was a competition you would need to compete... Being randomly selected isn't competing.
  2. http://33third.com/mp-giveaway/ Yooo, just thought i would post. 33third is having a giveaway, enter your email and you are good. The prize consists of 1 DJ/Messenger bag from the premier messenger bag manufacturer - Manhattan Portage 4 Cans of top tier spraypaint: Ironlak, MTN, and Montana including one 600 ML tall can and one Ironlak Limited Edition Can 1 KRINK metal tip sqeeze pen 1 Pocket sized blackbook 1 Pentel White paint marker 2 Ironlak pocket cans 4 Markal Solid Marker Streaks 20 Thin Caps & 20 Fat Caps 1 issue of Catch Me If You Can Magazine Just posting cause most places make you order to enter a giveaway.
  3. Yee I did, I am just curious whether anyone has been there and knows anything about it.
  4. Yo, Has anyone been to the new Montana store? It seems like they are trying to go big with events and everything because they just did a signing with cooz and he painted with risk. I think risk is involved too? Anyone know the story on them? How's the pricing/product? They have a site for those who don't know, montanastorela.com.
  5. Anyone have any extra shit they wanna sell? Hit me up. Looking for any krylon, rusto, mr spray, anything that looks old school.
  6. Nah, I was just tryna see what they thought, I am not new to this at all. No beef, just telling you whats up. i just cannot believe that they try and market terrible shit to people who are smarter than that, byt the masses arent I guess. I rock sakuras, pilots, and all that shit daily but I wanted to get a feel for whats out there and what people actually think.
  7. I just found hella pigments. What the fuck should I do with them, I always been bad at making inks.
  8. That shit washes off?!? Thats fucking retarded concidering how expensive they are.
  9. Anyone used those joystick markers? Whats good with those? Also whats good with Mr. Gold and silver?
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