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Everything posted by eatramen

  1. sorry guys. this is the only flick i have.
  2. Damn sick update! Bump WAH crew! Sway has a dope style. Feelin it.
  3. im baaaaaaaaaaack. minnesota got that funk! pumps gmv.
  4. phfabels and massgraff have sick styles. but im feelin andyoner. andyoner got my vote
  5. pumps has got some of the sickest hands that ive seen in a while. props yo.
  6. everyone and everythang in this thread is sick as fuuuck.
  7. Just lettin you dude, there was a solar who passed around 2004. He was fuckin sick. He was in NME. I don't even know if any of those dudes still write. Just sayin.
  8. makin it work with old prismas.
  9. thanks phfabels. imma try that and jump in on the next battle. makineasykills has my vote.
  10. yo quick question to anyone who wants to answer me, it may be a stupid question but i need help please. how do i post pics on 12oz? i tried goin through the FAQ thread on how to post flicks but, i noticed that everybody tried usin the directions that were given and it didnt work. i wanna get down on these battles. please help.
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