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  1. Bump all those sangre flicks from last page. Also, if you havent seen this vid from el topo yet, peep it. Little Alb production. rake, hagr, sangre. https://vimeo.com/56920701
  2. no no no no no no. this kid is a faggot. you bite throwies and go paint them your gonna get your head stomped in. he bites any and everything like a toy faggot, but has probably never painted(at least anything decent) so he doesnt know the consequences. hes an internet artist who sucks dick
  3. on the free for free? but you got them on the cheap or what
  4. your v looks like a U. sharpen up that bottom but dont make it a point and it will look better. and use the T on the pink and orange one
  5. government reps are trustees and not delegates. The original creators of our government made it this way because at the time the people who had opinions were intelligent and wise, and didnt rule based on passion, but what was best for the country because of how much they had invested in it. Now the people who rule this country do it rule based on whats best for themself, they have the ability to act as a "trustee" but have distorted priorities. Most have nothing invested in the country, except for their name in politics. Idk what these protests are accomplishing? I dont get it? What does it do for anyone? What did shutting down the port in oakland accomplish? All I can think of is disruption of a major cash flow into oakland. How does stopping money coming into our city help it?
  6. ribcage22


    thanks for the pic dump, really cool to see, and I cant believe that BAKS is still rockin!!!!!! Yeah, was kind of dissapointed on the style of the work on there now, but after looking at it again some of it is still pretty fuckin good, so I shouldnt talk down about it. I just think the stuff on the back of the tent building right now seriously lacks that indy/chicago flowy style like most of the stuff on there before... I think i'll be making a trip out there in may... I really want to get some painting in, I miss all the brick.
  7. y would she do a thing like that?
  8. who does it need to be a secret from? lol hoppefully not from writers, spots like the ones here are the kind of shit a writer (good or bad) needs to see. Mad inspiring. Keep secret from popo and knocks...bums and crackheads too
  9. ribcage22


    ^^^bump this, im tryina see some pics if they out there... @illskillet is there any photos? took this pic from across the street, Idk if the graff on the other side is legal or not, but there was some burners on the building over there too
  10. ribcage22


    Oh, and I just searched the tent wall and found this little gallery of whats on it now... http://www.flickriver.com/photos/electrasteph/sets/72157607453539898/ I am kinda dissapointed whats on this wall now. That wildstyle burner that was behind the razprwire that I got a poor flick of is gone. It was super inspirational to me when I started truly writing. I think whats on those walls now lacks that amazing graffiti vibe that it once had. Im sure whatever was on their originally was the best, but the quality of work on there now has gone waaay down... its unfortunate to see amazing art covered by not so amazing art
  11. ribcage22


    O wow, yeah im not a local, got family on the south side and I havent been back there since I took those pics. So I dont know the history. A lot of the people who painted over there I was told were chicago-nians. I was also wondering if there is any pics of DRAT floating around. I remember my first trip out there I would see his throws and straights EVERYWHERE. Then my next trip back I was told he got locked up... any1 got pics, or maybe the archive of this thread has some?
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