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Everything posted by Psyche!!!

  1. Rebar Ocult Those Eye pieces are insane
  2. I dunno what this is, but it's fucking cool.
  3. Yo trickle, get at me this weekend.
  4. Who is this? I can never tell who it is but the style is always sick.
  5. Who doesn't love yet another page of pointless shit talk via the internet... More recycled flicks, this is a PHOTO thread... Post up.
  6. Hasn't been slept on, I'm familiar with cyke akt. Dope writer, dope crew. I'm pretty sure there's no confusion between cykeo and syke. Bump flicks in general, this thread could always use more.
  7. Less talk, more flicks. There hasn't been any needless shit talk here for a while, keep it that way. And go around, I feel your pain...fuck rva bike hipsters.
  8. yes recycled flicks to stop the chatter....
  9. Your grammar and posts both suck ass.
  10. and I also think you were meaning to say "artistic perspective"? I'm an asshole.
  11. Re: I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook This isn't the place to go all art school homie, if you wanna show off your non-graff related artwork, there's a different thread for that. Just saying.
  12. He said red and gold. As in the colors, not the writer Red.
  13. I think i've flicked some of these before, but fuck it
  14. I hope that spot gets taken back, I still can't believe it was dissed. that shit was there forever
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